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Interview with Ericho

Posted by TheInterviewer - June 24th, 2020


Interview No. 159

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest you have either seen on the Forums or you have had your work reviewed by him. From his discussions to religion and philosophy with the other members of Newgrounds. To writing constructive and fun reviews for every Portal on Newgrounds. I am most pleased to welcome, @Ericho.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: I was actually an early online friend of Kirbopher and he posted his TTA videos on this website. I had already gone on lesser known websites that had flash cartoons, but was amazed at how big this one was and I've been hooked ever since.

Q: What age did you become interested in psychology?

A: I have had a lot of mental health issues in my life and I thought I could use that knowledge to help other people.

Q: What was it like going to Arnold HIgh School? What were your favorite studies?

A: Pretty much like most high schools, I imagine. I especially liked history or social studies. I've always been fascinated by that. I was kind of the class clown.

Q: What is Shipwreck Island?

A: It's a water park I go to sometimes in Panama City.

Q: I ask about Shipwreck Island because you had one of the best days of your life there after graduation. Could you tell us about the day in whole?

A: You know, it was the satisfaction that I had completed an epic part of my life and I had earned it. You could just as much ice cream as you wanted. I may not have had many friends, but it was still great to celebrate.

Q: What can you tell us about working at Calypso? Any good stories to tell?

A: I didn't work there that long. I've worked at EncompassHealth for literally years. Probably the best story I can mention is how an employee was fired for smoking weed.

Q: You did work cleaning up an oil spill at one point. What was the oil spill and what can you tell us about the job overall?

A: I didn't exactly work. What happened is that I went to a seminar where they talked about how I might be able to. They would call me back if they needed me and they never did. I did manage to get paid $100 for attending the seminar, so it wasn't pointless.

Q: What brought you to attend Gulf Coast Community College?

A: My dad worked there! My degree was in communications actually.

Q: You received a Master's Degree while at Florida State University. What did you receive your degree for? Why did you want to pursue it? What were your experiences at FSU?

A: It was once again communications. It was certainly nicer than High School, because the students really were more mature and I felt they had fewer restrictions.

Q: What was it about the communications field that interested you?

A: Because I had poor social skills growing up and I wanted to learn how to communicate better.

Q: It is fair to say you're an avid reader, perhaps more than what I was able to uncover. You have studied religion and philosophy, spoken about them in great lengths. The effects on the world an the people within and without. What would you say is your base philosophy? Your personal view on the world and your moral code?

A: Wow, I never really thought of myself as a philosopher. I mean, I just do what's morally right. I was raised extremely religiously and yes, I consider that a big influence on my morals. I just try to look for the best role model and follow that person. I guess it would be too easy to say Jesus is the best, but in terms of modern ones, I'd have to say Mr. Rogers. Even Jesus has his own Wikipedia article criticizing him! Of course, so does Mother Teresa (no, that is not a typo). If mocking Mr. Rogers on 4chan is bannable, he MUST be good. I just always think of the time he approached gay men and said, "God loves you just the way you are".

Q: When XwaynecoltX was here we talked about his reviews and his reviewing process. He was what inspired me over time to improve my own reviews. He is in the range of over 30,000 reviews now. You are nearing the 20,000 mark in reviews. What motivates you to write reviews on such a daily basis?

A: Habit, I guess. It gives me something to do. I always try to find new things to do and am fascinated by the sheer number of things to review here, or really in general. I've also written over 1,000 reviews on the IMDb.

Q: You've been writing reviews since you signed up. How would you describe your style of reviews. Have you changed your style over time?

A: Yes! Originally, I was at a paragraph, but got a warrant saying I couldn't make that many without being more in depth. I have tried not to repeat things like "Keep up the good work!" though it is hard. I have just tried to see how this particular submission was unique.

Q: With all of these reviews I'm surprised to see that you're not a member of the Review Request Club here on Newgrounds. How come?

A: Honestly, I wasn't even aware of it! After they stopped submitting stuff to the most prolific reviewers list, I kind of lost interest in keeping statistics.

Q: What is your most favorite thing about Newgrounds and why?

A: Probably the sheer number of unique things here and how people express themselves.

Q: You can change two things about Newgrounds. What are they and why?

A: Probably going back to letting you control your favorites arrangement. Then again, I've written so many by now it would be hard to keep track. I also wish they'd keep records of all the awards winners like they used to.

Q: What can we expect from Ericho in the future?

A: More reviews! I haven't been writing as many though, not that it really affects my record much.

Ericho is certainly one of the best members of Newgrounds. He is open to reviewing anything from the Portals. He is a huge fan of the site and is always interested in what others are doing on the site. Those who call him friend on this site are lucky to have him. Those who are graced with his company, even if for a few minutes of messages through PM or posts on the Forums. They are certainly blessed.

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Ericho's a good dude indeed! Wouldn't have minded a bit more in-depth answers on some of these topics: various fields of work and education, the involvement with psychology - I didn't know about most of this. Truly concise answers but enlightening too.

Mother Teresa really does get too much hate too, I wonder if it's envy, religious differences among those who critique her, or if it's just that if something or someone seems too good to be true you inherently start to doubt it's all good after all... with people as well as with anything else. I feel like shw was never critizied while she was alive though. Now that she's not it's possible to tarnish that legacy, it's a shame indeed...

I might not be religious myself but good role models are what keep us on the right path regardless. The world needs more of 'em. Good interview.

I recognize Ericho from soooo many times he's left reviews on my work. I'm glad he's being recognized for his contributions to NG!