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Interview with XwaynecoltX

Posted by TheInterviewer - August 16th, 2009


Interview No. 13

Interview By: @The-Great-One

My guest today is one of Newgrounds highest critics. He has written over 15,000 reviews and is still writing them to this day. He has been known for his works in the Flash Community for the Ghost Motel Series, the Lepo Series, the Lazlow Radio Series, and much more. I am of course talking about @XwaynecoltX.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: Me and my friend loves Mike n Spike or however it is, and searched stuff on the net and came across this flash site which had funny movies, it was called newgrounds.

Q: Before I start asking you about your flash work, I want to ask the one person who has collabed with you in most of them. Tell me how you came across artist Violet-AIM?

A: Violet is my gf, and now my wife for several years, we both love art and animation, infact she has a a good job with it now.

Q: You are more known through Newgrounds for your high review count. Your first review was for one of your own flash movies y my 3rd movie. Why did you decide to review something that you yourself worked on?

A: It was violet's first work I only did some voices and backround art, but I commented on her part mostly.

Q: You started making more constructive reviews on March 7, 2006 when you reviewed Bloby. Why the sudden change to your critique styles.

A: I felt that since i do write lots of reviews that they should have more depth to them especially if it can help the artist.

Q: You are a high reviewer here on Newgrounds. Do you have any advice for those who wish to write better reviews?

A: My reviews have always been about trying to help the artist, so try and at least point out a few good points to improve on and it can be done in a positive way.

Q: When it comes to your audio reviews, why don't you use the same constructive critique styles you use in your flash reviews?

A: Not sure thats still testing for me I don't want it to be the same as my flash reviews im sure it will change in the future though.

Q: Your first flash here on Newgrounds would be y my 2nd movie. This would later turn into a small series. Where did the idea come from and why did you and Violet-AIM decide to turn this into a series and where is the 1st movie?

A: we like to do different things and that was more of a test on how we did with flash and stuff, we moved onto better things.

Q: Your first solo flash would be X Stick Man (Closed Movie. You stated there was a movie there, but you decided to close the project. What was this movie about and why did you close it?

A: lol that was my own test, it was closed many years ago cause basicly it was crap and probably still is haha.

Q: You and Violet-AIM started a series with the flash Lepo 2: Driving. An interesting series at its best, and in the author's comments Violet-AIM had this to say...

Me and Xwaynecoltx had fun making this hope you like.

So XwaynecoltX. Could you tell us the fun that you both had in making this flash? As well as the overall series?

A: It was a strange little man we made with some classic 80's music, his misfortune adventures, had fun with it because of the bad things we had him go through

Q: We now come to a crucial question. The start of Ghost Motel. Where did the idea come from for this series and what was the experience of working on it?

A: GM was the best stuff we did. me and Violet, would take time with it, at first the first pilot episode was just gonna be the only one but it came close to winning an award and some people said we should make more, we love ghost stuff and ghost stories so we went with this.

Q: Throughout the Ghost Motel series you have been the voice actor for mostly all the male characters. My two favorite characters you gave voices for were "Joseph" and "The Riddler Clown." How did it feel doing those voices and do you have any advice for other voice actors on Newgrounds?

A: Well while im not the greatest voicer it was fun. you have to try and give good emotion in times of need and such.

Q: Ghost Motel 11 was presented to Newgrounds on January 19, 2005. You and Violet-AIM have pissed me off and probably others as well by leaving us with a cliffhanger ending and four years with no new additions. Will you and Violet-AIM be continuing the Ghost Motel series?

A: Ha sorry to upset others, school and jobs and life tend to get in the way of newgrounds hehe, but as i have told many others ep 12 is being worked on.

Q: You have your own solo series entitled Lazlow Radio. Where did the idea come from for this and will you be giving us more in the future?

A: I dont know, wanted to see lazlow's voice from gta games as he is in his own show on flash, it was kinda neat

Q: What can we expect from XwaynecoltX within the near future?

A: Not sure you can see me around from time to time, when i have the time as well as violet.

Q: You've been on Newgrounds for a long time. What advice do you have for other artists, reviewers, and users?

A: Just practice everyday, and enjoy it, dont worry about the negative, and keep on creating new and awesome stuff.

Well it looks like we have another couple on here besides James Lee and Hania. XwaynecoltX has given us so much, but says very little. Which is hard to believe when you look at his reviews. All I can say is he's pretty much straight forward.



Hmm, maybe as interviews don't count towards the stats all the big text blocks go to reviews. :P Interesting reading, though the word count is probably more for the questions than the answers.