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Interview with Bosa #3

Posted by TheInterviewer - September 7th, 2016


Interview No. 146

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest has been here twice before. The first time he was here, he was one of my first interviews. I invited him back a second time to cover his newer works. It has been nearly four years since his last interview. Since his time he has been hard at work composing new music taking different venues with The Popular Kids (Loop), A Newgrounds Legacy, and Teaching My Students, which has become an inspirational piece stemming from being a sixth grade teacher. I am proud to welcome back once again, @Bosa.

Q: Last you were here we talked about Quest of Eve and Boutista Entertainment. Boutista Entertainment has since become Kingdom Crown Entertainment. Why the change in name and what is the progress on Quest of Eve?

A: I changed the name because I felt as though it would be easier to remember than 'Boutista.' As far as Quest of Eve goes, I've had a few plans change, but I intend on funding a new team and hopefully have something presentable in the next few years. The old project was Flash-based, so I plan on starting over and coming up with something far more in-depth and contemporary to independent PC games that we see on the market today.

Q: You, like others here, have gone to school. What brought you to Liberty University?

A: I went to Liberty to pursue a degree in education because I heard that it was a very reputable university and offered some of the best on-campus and online courses available. Also, I plan on taking some classes at Berklee College of Music later this year to improve my knowledge of marketing and publishing music and to get a better understanding of the business side of the music industry.

Q: In the thread Ways to improve the Audio Portal? you have stated two problems with the Audio Portal.

Solution to zero voting:

Review other people's music, remain active in the community, and get your music featured in games/movies. Scores will not matter at all, really. It's all about your relationships with other users -- a lesson I have had to learn the hard way after all the years I've been submitting music to this site.

How to change the audio portal:

Wait until they actually begin making major changes and then toss your idea into the hat. The audio portal was meant to be a production library for flash, so consider it as such; and realize that there are other priorities on the plate. Our time will come.

Would you say that the Audio Portal is being improved? If not then what else can be done?

A: I would say it has definitely improved from where it used to be back in the early days. I really love the options added to the licensing side of things -- being able to dictate how music is allowed to be used is very useful for producers like myself who work closely with a performance rights organization, because it helps to avoid unwanted royalty claims. I have a few other ideas to enhance the audio portal, but right now I don't see anything particularly wrong with it. If they ever seek more ideas, I am always available to offer my suggestions.

Q: The Gift of Christmas Contest was a contest that you held. For those looking to hold a certain contest, what would you recommend to them in preparation, picking a theme, and judges?

A: First of all, let me tell you that contests are difficult to manage and are extremely stressful if all eyes are on you, so make sure you have some help if you're just starting out. You can always look at my contests or others if you want to get an idea of how to prepare and structure a contest in regards to rules, themes, layout, etc. But what I've really found that makes or breaks a contest are the rewards. You don't necessarily have to offer huge rewards, but make them unique. The better the personal rewards are, the more interest you'll have for the contest. Tom Fulp suggested that I should make the rewards novel for each contest and focus less on money, so offering unique rewards combined with a unique theme will really help you achieve the popularity you're looking for in a contest. This not only goes for musical contests, but for art/game/movie contests as well.

Q: Her Wish is a beautiful piece that you were working on, but have said you didn't finish. It is a beautiful piece returning to the days of Farmland. If this isn't the finished piece, I can only imagine what is. What stopped you from finishing this piece and will we ever hear the finished product?

A: I have actually been wanting to revisit this song for a while, but I've yet to do so. The song was originally composed for a contest, and I barely met the deadline because I had to do some traveling that month. So, I was limited in what I could do, and I had to make sure I could finish everything in time. Someday I may finish it, but my current project schedule keeps building up, so we will see.

Q: We come next to your tribute song for Newgrounds entitled A Newgrounds Legacy. In your description you state that...

My tribute to Newgrounds. I created this composition to honor all that Newgrounds has provided to the community, and to tell a story of my own that depicts the legacy of a legendary website.

You say that you tell a story of your own that depicts the legacy of this website. Perhaps you could break down that story for us all.

A: What I meant by that was I composed something attributable to my style which celebrated Newgrounds. Basically, it was my tribute piece to the website. The music also tells the story of how much I've grown as a composer since my first days on Newgrounds. The piece itself is a little old and not my best work, but at the time it meant a lot.

Q: Bosa Piano Intro intrigues me, mainly because you say that you rarely post your piano performances on Newgrounds. Why is that? Do you set them at a higher quality than your other works?

A: Not really. It's just that I spend more time composing orchestral and film music rather than piano pieces. I try to keep my music fresh and not always produce the same thing over and over, so sometimes I'll come up with something unique. I believe the song was popular because a piano only piece is not what's expected from me, so it drew people's attention at least.

Q: One of my new favorites by you absolutely is Teaching My Students. I love this piece! It gives me memories of Tutorial Man. Would you teaching the sixth grade be the inspiration behind this? What do you teach for your sixth grade students?

A: Yes, my students do inspire me sometimes. I teach math usually, but recently I've been teaching younger grades.

Q: A change in mood can produce different results from a creator. To see Truman Capote go from Breakfast at Tiffany's to In Cold Blood was certainly no accident. It was a change in his mood, how a real life event affected his writing. This change would hit you as well with The Popular Kids (Loop). What was the change in your mood? Why this title with this song? What changed you in this creative process?

A: I usually compose music according to how I feel unless it's for a specific project. Emotion should fuel a composer like petrol fuels a car, and I cannot stress that enough. I recall hearing about what Jeremy Soule went through while he was composing the score for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. After almost losing his life in a car accident, he came up with music that reflected his thoughts and emotions after his brush with death. If you listen to the music in Oblivion, there is a sense of something peaceful and almost spiritual in nature. I always strive to capture strong emotions in all of my tracks.

Q: A trip back in time with Classic Bosa Loop. Why the return to your roots?

A: Because I sometimes miss the early days of creating music and even the early days of submitting audio on Newgrounds. I had a lot of great experiences back then, but to be truthful I'm having much more success now than I ever have. It's fun to look back on the past and tap into it, but I'm keeping my focus on the present and sometimes looking ahead to the future.

Q: The Journey Home, I believe to be your new magnum opus. I'm not sure if you will be able to top it. Such beautiful orchestration, everything belonged, nothing was out of place. It gave me an eargasm. What was the inspiration behind this gorgeous music?

A: It certainly took me a while to compose and I'm not exactly sure what inspired me the most at the time, but I do know that I had thoughts of medieval and a ancient fantasy. At first I was going to go down a more celtic route, but I had a change of heart later as I began planning what I wanted to do in regards to vocals. I wanted to come up with something similar to Lisa Gerard, but I still maintained my style throughout the song.

Q: What can we expect from Bosa in the future?

A: I've got a few big projects in production right now. One project is a collaboration I've been working on with a pretty famous singer and all I'm waiting on are some instrument recordings (I'll definitely post the song on Newgrounds as soon as it's ready). I'm also composing more for television shows like Blue Bloods and commercial ads thanks to my recent connections with some high-end publishers. I will, of course, continue supporting Newgrounds and continue offering advice to musicians on the site. Expect to see more music submissions and maybe a few extra surprises. Newgrounds is like the mom and dad of my music, and I don't plan on moving out of the basement anytime soon, haha.

Bosa is quite possibly the most underrated musician here on Newgrounds. Yes he does have over 1,000 fans who follow his music, myself included. I don't usually hear his name brought up much on this site. Which is a real shame. He is one of the most skilled musicians here. Not as much a travelling bard as Back-From-Purgatory, but most certainly one who can master the genre he decides and varies between classical music, to bluegrass. When he explores a genre, he goes more in-depth than anyone else on here.




Great interview! Such a huge Bosa fan :D <3

Always great to see guests return. Do you plan to do any further interviews?