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Interview with Magical-Zorse

Posted by TheInterviewer - April 24th, 2013


Interview No. 121

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest has been on my list for quite a long time. He is an interesting game maker that has given us some unique games and takes on the different aspects of the Internet, world, and Newgrounds. With games such as SevenSeize's Adventure and Seven's Second Adventure. He has also contributed to ForNoReason's Charity Project with games like Hide the Reefer! and Turtlodyssey. He has also participated in Pico Day with his entry Picos Quest. I would like you all to please welcome @Magical-Zorse.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: I played a lot of maplestory in 2008 and there was this guy on Newgrounds who made flash versions of boss simulators for it and I would play them all the time. Eventually I started looking around the site and playing other games and I thought it was cool so I joined.

Q: When and how did you become interested in programming?

A: Back when I was young, eager, and naive I wanted so badly to be able to contribute to the site that had brought me so much joy. I was never good at animating or drawing with flash so I wanted to program games, so I started reading through all the tutorials I could find on NG like the AS: Main and the tutorial collabs.

Q: When and how did you become interested in art and animation?

A: Art is cool. Animation is cool too. It boggled my mind how crazy awesome the art and animation on newgrounds at the time was.

Q: SevenSeize's Adventure and Seven's Second Adventure would be two games made for SevenSeize. Who is SevenSeize and how did you two come to meet?

A: SevenSeize is a velociraptor who is secretly a moderator on Newgrounds. She commented on one of my newsposts randomly and said something about wanting to make a game so she can win an award and be famous. So I decided to make a game about her making a game as a joke. After Tom Fulp posted about it on the front page we thought we would make a sequel with medals in it.

Q: Hide the Reefer! is a funny text-based adventure game. However there is more to it. How did you come across ForNoReason's Newgrounds Charity Project and why did you decide to contribute the revenue of your game to The Yellow Ribbon Fund?

A: When I found out FNR was doing the charity thing I thought I would donate my revenue to a charity to make myself feel a little bit better about being such a shitty person.

Q: Turtlodyssey would be another to be for ForNoReason's Charity Project, this time for Breast Cancer Research. Why did you also decide to make a game for this charity and what was the inspiration of having turtleco fight against TheWeebl?

A: I donated the ad revenue to breast cancer research because I care about boobs and stuff. When turtleco made a movie about me I wanted to return the favor by making a game about him and putting all of our friends in the game too. I was originally going to have him fight a bunch of different NG characters but I got lazy and only put in one which happened to be the weebl.

Q: Pico Day is a day to celebrate Tom Fulp and Newgrounds. You would do this with Picos Quest. What can you tell us about Picos Quest?

A: I had been playing a lot of sarien.net games and I wanted to make a game celebrating Tom and all of the NG characters. Now that I think about it I probably spent way more time putting in all of the possible responses to whatever you might type while playing it than actually making the game.

Q: You have participated in quite a number of collaborations here on Newgrounds. What advice can you give to those wanting to start a collaboration or wanting to join one?

A: Don't suck, and don't pick a stupid theme for a collab.

Q: What do you look for when looking to join a collaboration?

A: I'm a sucker for cute graphics.

Q: What can we expect from Magical-Zorse in the future?

A: More apathy, cynicism, and strange games.

Magical-Zorse has always had original and interesting games to play. It is amazing what he will take and turn into a game. He truly is a creative individual whose games for the most part speak for themselves. I am eager to see what he will bring to Newgrounds in the future.



That... was quick interview. Nice though :P