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Interview with cast

Posted by TheInterviewer - May 2nd, 2012


Interview No. 96

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest, is quite possibly the strangest forum member I have ever met. Being around the site of Newgrounds since 1999. That's over 10 years. He has had a lot to say over the years and he still has just as much to say now. From being a forum moderator, having some ties within The Clock Crew, as well as other established Newgrounds cliques and groups, he is none other than @cast.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: It's sort of a interesting story, and not what you'd expect actually. I used to be a hardcore Christian, like almost enough of a nut to hold up signs about God hating fags at funerals. Well there was a list of websites that were considered to, I guess, be likely to corrupt the youth. A list which unfortunately I no longer have access to, but Newgrounds was on the list, so I went over to visit, hoping to find the best possible way to take down the threat. Instead it immediately corrupted me. Go figure. So then I just kind of stuck around. Masturbated for the first time in my life too, my hand has been practically attached to my cock ever since.

Q: One of your first threads was entitled NG'S FREAKEN AD BANNERS ARE SICK!. Looking back on this thread, how much have you grown since then as a member of Newgrounds?

A: I don't have any recollection of making that thread. Is this interview about asking honest questions, or just trying to slander me? Fuck off.

Q: At one point in Newgrounds time, you were a Forum Moderator. How did you become a forum moderator and why were you de-modded?

A: And it continues to appear your motive is slandering me. Why was I de-modded? First threads I didn't create, and now trying to get me to look like I was a bad moderator? Well if you must know, it had to do with your mother. Yes, she had an account on NG, for confidentiality I can't tell you the name of the account. But her and I had some of the steamiest cyber sessions you could imagine in our private messages. Real kinky shit yo. Well long story short, she sort of sent me a photograph of her using a cactus to fuck her gaping asshole. The picture leaked out to Mod Lounge, I don't really know how. I guess they decided it was too much, so I got de-modded. Unfortunate, but it was completely worth having the pic of your mother with her asshole gaping shoving a cactus up in there. Still have that on my hard drive somewhere.

Q: Your first movie on Newgrounds would be a small collaboration entitled My New Trick. Would this be the debut of Tricky the Clown for The Clock Crew? Also what can you tell us about The Clock Crew?

A: Well, I can tell you our deepest darkest secrets, to start out with. You know all those animated cock jokes on NG? I'm sure you do. All the gay sex and shit. We like to act out all those films together. It's our bonding exercise and it's what makes us so great. I think you've got the interesting bits now, so I'm not going to answer any more.

Q: When it comes to being on Newgrounds, you've been here since 1999, since the very beginning. You've seen Newgrounds grow for years. What was the experience like seeing each new design come as well as being on the Internet since it's humble beginnings?

A: Imagine a rape victim having to watch footage of his rape in slow motion. I guess that's the best way to describe what watching the site grow was like. Every second just more and more traumatizing. That really makes things sound a lot easier than they were. It's the closest comparison I could think of though.

Q: When it comes to the different artists and members of Newgrounds, surely you have made some friends and enemies over that course of time. Care to tell us who and why?

A: Yes.

Q: The Stickam Newgrounds Chat has been talked about on the forums for being a fun place as well as place filled with drama. It was there that DavidZX was talked about a lot. What all can you tell us about this chat and the incidence with DavidZX?

A: I really can't tell you much. I assume I was involved with the Stickam since you bring it up, but there was a certain period of life where I was constantly drunk. I don't remember a thing from that period of my life. I guess now I know that it involved Stickam; Now if I could only figure out how I got the 4 scars on my dick. As far as David goes, his works of art were true masterpieces. It's a shame he had his account deleted, if only for his artwork.

Q: What is it you like about Newgrounds the most and what is it you dislike about Newgrounds the most?

A: The cock jokes. They are the best part of Newgrounds, but only the ones that take an approach that lacks any amount of creativity or originality. I honestly cannot think of something worse than an original cock joke. So, yeah, for both, the cock jokes.

Q: If you could change anything about Newgrounds what would it be and why?

A: Probably throw up a huge black cock on the front page somewhere. Of course there could be more hentai as well. Actually, maybe just, tentacle rape. Like get rid of the rest of the site and just fucking tentacle, in the holes of men, women and children well children is illegal. So just men and women then.

Q: What can we expect from cast in the future?

A: A lot of things. I will be traveling to Saturn this May, so that should be interesting, I will bring a laptop though, so don't worry. I mean, that's the big thing I think. Other than that, I will be making a full length film on flash based on the cybering sessions I had with your mother, I highly recommend you watch it, if you don't get an erection you'll get a full refund. If you're lucky you can expect to see some skin from me in the future as well, but only if you play your cards right <3

cast is certainly the strangest person on Newgrounds I have interviewed, and no offense to the others in the past that is certainly saying a lot. At one point I thought it was The Shadling, but as it turns out, cast has certainly proven me wrong. He is a bizarre individual, but one I must admit I had fun doing this interview with.



What a lovely person. &lt;3

I can never tell if these guys are trolling with us or if they're REALLY telling the truth. Ah well, it was pretty funny anyway :P

He is so polite. c:

I was actually excited to hear all of cast's incites from the past decade, THIS INTERVIEW HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL. :(

Maybe it's time to have the interviewer not be a 15 year old boy, Tom.

&gt;Maybe it's time to have the interviewer not be a 15 year old boy, Tom.

&gt;&gt;Maybe it's time to have the interviewer not be a 15 year old boy, Tom.

Maybe blah blah blgh. Take a hint

I have to agree with Tom. I was like &quot;ooh, cast! cool!&quot; ...and was really disappointed with what I read. I don't know why you even bother posting interviews like this (or shad's). I think it hurts your credibility and makes people take you even less seriously than they already do. It's unfortunate.