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Interview with Tom Fulp #3

Posted by TheInterviewer - April 15th, 2012


Interview No. 94

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today we'll be talking with Tom Fulp once again. He is here to talk about the redesign as well as other matters pertaining Newgrounds. His full story can be found here, he was The Interviewer's 1st Interview, he was here a second time, and today he joins us once again. The creator of Newgrounds... @TomFulp.

Q: When it comes to this redesign, when did the creation begin?

A: Even during the development of the redesign that launched in 2007, we knew we wanted to make bigger changes and go wider with the layout. Actual visualization of the new site started in 2008 and went through several revisions until the final concept in 2009. From there it came down to addressing every single page, overhauling a lot of back-end systems, developing new features and rewriting all the front-end code and javascript.

Q: Many members including myself have been wondering where two things are. Where is the Lit Portal and Chat?

A: The Lit Portal is waiting on the existing portals to be in better shape and still more unified, since it will share a lot of elements with them. Chat has been waiting on the multi-user server and API PsychoGoldfish was developing a few years ago. Other projects have been keeping it on the backburner.

Q: When it comes to this redesign, a lot of it has been cleaned up and many different sections of Newgrounds were given well deserved attention. However, we haven't gotten many new features with this redesign. What other new toys will we get over time?

A: We're pretty secretive with features because companies with more resources can attempt them quicker than we can. What I can say is that we'll be accepting other formats for games and movies, which is why we removed the term "Flash Portal" in the first place. We'll also be expanding a lot on the feed data available to individual users, so it's easier for them to keep tabs on their favorite artists and responses to their own contributions.

Q: Where does Newgrounds stand as far as the Video Portal is concerned?

A: It's not a standalone video portal but rather the option to upload your animation as an MP4 file instead of SWF. The feature is ready to launch but we're holding off on the big premier. For the immediate future it's an invite-only option for animators; we want to avoid being a video dump and focus on animation and film with cool post-production. I know we'll get heat about "Everything, by Everyone" but that slogan has always had a dual-meaning anyway, as in everything you see on the site is the result of everyone here working together.

Q: When did your brother Wade join the Newgrounds team?

A: Wade came onboard in 2000.

Q: With this new design comes the Project System. Could you explain how this system to those who don't know much about it?

A: The project system addresses some things that have been long-term issues with NG. It allows artists and developers to fill out their information and preview their files ahead of actually publishing them. It also creates a space where teams can share assets and invite beta testers, while integrating the API directly into your project. Before this, people had to set up their API entry in advance and HOPE it linked up to their final submission, otherwise we had to manually link it. It has made it much easier to integrate ads, set up medals and make sure everything works before you publish.

Q: Will we be getting any new holidays or contests with this new redesign employed?

A: We have plans for contests and one-off events but I'm squeamish about additional annual commitments since they really add up.

Q: The Newgrounds Tank Awards are on the horizon. To celebrate Best Movie, Best Game, Best Musician, and Best User. Any new awards to be implemented?

A: There won't be any new award categories this year but I'd like to make adjustments in upcoming years.

Q: Randy Solem recently passed on. He meant a lot to different people on this site, he's how I came to find Newgrounds. What mark did he leave on you and how do you feel now that he is gone?

A: Randy was part of an exclusive club of early Flash enthusiasts and it's a wake-up call that we won't be around forever. Randy and I are almost the same age and he lived nearby in New Jersey, so the whole thing hits close to home. It's a reminder that there is limited time to get things done and I don't know when my own window will close so I need to keep pushing ahead. I want NG to be around in 100 years and I want people to know about Randy 100 years from now.

Q: People have wondered whether or not we would be getting Portal Moderators. With groups such as The Newgrounds Police Department and The Elite Guard Barracks keeping an eye out on the Movie and Game Portals for a good long time now, what would the implementation of Portal Moderators bring to these clubs? Will we be seeing Portal Moderators in the future?

A: We do intend to have Portal Moderators who can un-publish projects that break the rules. It means these clubs can have members with actual administrative power, rather than depending on the staff as much.

Q: Is there anything new coming from The Behemoth?

A: BattleBlock Theater is on the way and coming along great! I've been working with JohnnyUtah on what could be Game 4 but that is going to stay private until we're ready to show something.

Q: What can we expect to see from Tom Fulp and Newgrounds in the future?

A: More games from me and more features from NG, along with more NG everywhere. I want to be sure everyone who sticks around feels like their time couldn't have been better dedicated to any other website.

Tom Fulp is always a very chill and amazing person to talk to. A lot of us here know his story and what he wants to do for Newgrounds. The future is always out there and Tom is always wanting to find it and he is always looking towards others to help him on his journey. What else can be said?



Video Portal is ready? HOLY SHIT!

What date was this interview done?
Im assuming it was before the 1st of april as the chat is mentioned as not existing yet.
Im just hoping he wasnt refering to 'game 4' as Hunger Games - The Game xD

Tom is a great dude and is the reason why most people share the same dream here and we are all really bug nerds... well even though he is talking about the future of ng he is ot very secretive I mean not like the other websites making ploys at useless features anyway I think it was awesome of tom to do the interview seeing as he must have a massive work load and a family life what a guy......

Tom is a great dude and is the reason why most people share the same dream here and we are all really bug nerds... well even though he is talking about the future of ng he is ot very secretive I mean not like the other websites making ploys at useless features anyway I think it was awesome of tom to do the interview seeing as he must have a massive work load and a family life what a guy......

Whoops sorry for the double post :(

Hard to imagine NG without Tom Fulp. Seeing Randy die makes you think about that. Who will take over NG when Tom is gone?

Awesome interview. I'm really excited to see how Newgrounds changes in the following months--it really feels like the video player is the start of something big for the whole community.


I'm guessing it would be his brother, but that's only if hes up to it..

Wow, can't wait for all this cool stuff.

Portal mods? Sounds interesting

What's with the random question about Wade?

Woo Tom Flup

How long ago did you give this interview?!?! Video upload is now available, lot's and lot's of new features have been implemented and there is a NG chat now! Other that that great job, I really enjoy reading your interviews.

nononono dont except other stuff than flash than this website will become like utube and get fuckspammed

To answer some questions - this interview was done in late March, just over two weeks ago.

I hope audio mods get more power in the future.

God, that mention that Tom won't live forever really hurt. Can't imagine Newgrounds without our beloved creator.

Also, I'd just like to point out that I already feel like my time couldn't possibly have been better spent on another website. Newgrounds has done a lot to me as a person and I plan on sticking around for as long as NG is around. Or until I'm no longer around I guess...

Barnyard's a good movie.

do you imagine newgrounds in 100 years?
qith all the tecnology that will be then it would be awesome, i have no flash habilities, but i still love newgrounds, i hope that tom live loooong so he can see his website get better and better everyday.

No other site can beat Newgrounds, i cant wait to see the new features in the future :)

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