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Interview with Sevkat

Posted by TheInterviewer - April 1st, 2012


Interview No. 92

Interview By: @The-Great-One


Today's guest, is one of the best Newgrounds members ever! His enlightening posts have fueled his generation and many others throughout the eons (which is some years on Newgrounds time). As a member of the Kitty Krew, his amazing works have graced an audience here on Newgrounds and has brought emotions upon them that they themselves cannot control. He is the one and certainly the only @Sevkat.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: Wow uh... Well, I first started using Newgrounds like most of us probably did way back when. Assassin, Dating Sims, and Dress-up Hentai. I'd spend hours playing Love Hina Sim Date. And to be entirely honest, I don't remember when/why I joined. I wasn't really that into the internet when I was in highschool, and I think I joined when I was in senior year. Not sure, though.

Q: Could you explain exactly what it is you are?

A: Of course. Sevkat. But no really, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Q: Your early posts show that you were a gangsta. You even went out to make a NG Ballers crew. When looking back on this, how much would you said you have changed?

A: Ugh.

Q: What the fuck, Sevkat questioned you on your posting ability and you as a user. This wouldn't be the first thread to talk about you, there would be others. What do you think of these threads?

A: Meh, my life would probably be exactly the same with, or without them. It's the buttmad '12 users that keep me fueled. I swear though, it's other users trying to get my attention, so I guess it's kinda sweet.

Q: Last year, we talked to Xyphon202 and how he was meant for greatness. When did you realize that you to were meant for greatness?

A: Who in the name of fuck is Xyphon202?

Q: What can you tell us about your lover Rummy0?

A: It's eternal and flat-chested.

Q: Would you ever like to be a Forum Moderator?

A: Why would I want to be one of those faggots?

Q: Who here on Newgrounds do you like and who do you not like?

A: Don't like? Honestly, besides the recent trends of ponyfaggots, it's been okay, I guess. BBS is the same as always when it boils down to it. Same rotten shit hole it's always been... Oh and likes? Uhh... There are a few posts I see every now and then that I can kind of admire, but I just think the BBS is slowly degrading. I can find better conversation on /a/ half the time.

Q: At one point in time, you were an original member of the Kitty Krew. What can you tell us about your experiences with them as well as BigFuzzyKitten?

A: I don't really know if I'd call myself an original member... I've never even really talked to BFK before, when I made flash for the KK it was usually with Inf0xy, Magyar, or someone else. I'd rather credit the Teh-NoN flashes I made with Grub-Xer0 if I was to credit any flash I've done. They were by far the most fun and quite a gag. GX is absolutely hilarious, anything with him in it's bound to be good.

Q: What can we expect from Sevkat in the future?

A: Nothing great, I s'pose.

I've been picking away at my website, trying to learn me dat dur php ukno. If you really want to know what I'm up to, I'd suggest registering on my forums.

Sevkat is truly a bizarre individual, he should be recognized and given credit for his contributions to Newgrounds. Because let's be honest... if Sevkat wasn't here, this place would be less interesting. It's like Gotham City without it's Joker. What is the purpose of the city then? All bow down to Sevkat.


You People --- Make Me Laugh!





Who the hell is Sevkat !

wut about soup squad >:U

That's The Werido Effect, Friends

aprl fuls every1

It wont be a great tragedy if he was not user of the year.

It's funny to see that a troll like him gets to be the User Of The Year ^_^

lol nice, trolls get interviews.


Haha, if i was a BBS moderator, i would turn all of the entire BBS faggot moderation into an explosion that nobody would forget.

Sevkat is a cool dude. If I met him in a dark alley somewhere, I'd grab his balls just to show him that I don't fuck around.

sevkt is so kwl i admir her so muc u kno bbs trolls r cool but DUNT SAY THAT :### :## :XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sevk/a/t isnt vry niec

the guy bellow me touches children
the guy above me wanks off violently

Are you serious.

lmao wow what a try hard troll

I have to post now so that the guy's post under me is totally true... because it is.

This has to be the best interview that i have EVER read. Totally epic bro. Totally.

Lol, Sevkat is such an honest person.
I respect her more now.
Congratz Sevy.


Sevkat is one of the only users on Newgrounds who even matters.
This was an amazing April first.

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