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Interview with JeremyLokken

Posted by TheInterviewer - February 12th, 2012


Interview No. 89

Interview By: @Sketchy

Today's interview is with one of Newgrounds lasting longest members. Not only has he been a regular on Newgrounds for over 12 years, but he has also been animating for just as long. Who is he, you may have already noticed from the topic title, but he is the one and only, @JeremyLokken!

Q: So Jeremy, how did you find newgrounds, and what had convinced you to join?

A: I can't remember what steps led me to finding Newgrounds.com, but I'm glad I did. I was convinced on staying having experienced Tom's Teletubby interactive flash game. Knowing that you can make something this interactive and reach just about anyone with a computer, that was very exciting.

Q: You have a large number of 94 flash submissions submitted to the flash portal, are you proud of your creations?

A: Not all of them. I've had some taken down because I realized I was 18 when I made them, and probably not wanting to explain myself later. Over time, you realize that some of them are just plain stupid, poorly done, made too quickly, or show their age well. I'm proud of the ones that still have something to say, long after their release. Just the few that have a clear message/story.

Q: Who had inspired you to become who you are?

A: Other artists on Newgrounds have inspired me, from well known animators on here to not-so well known. I'm inspired by other styles of artwork that are incorporated into a cartoon. I like Marc's bold, blunt, and edgy comedy that fits well with his style at Sick Animation. There are social rules that can block the flow of creativity sometimes. His works tell me that it's okay to creatively cross boundaries. Firth's otherworldly atmospheres create a captivating story that I really like. He can focus on something very simple and draw from it. That's inspiring. Filmmakers like Lynch and Gilliam, who tell stories in an unusual way are an inspiration. While sometimes they don't make a whole lot of sense, they can create a unique one-of-a-kind experience. Back to Newgrounds, what new animators don't know is that they could be inspiring someone who has been doing it for awhile. Who knows, maybe your cartoon could be watched by Bruce Willis in his RV, who then goes back to his production set and paraphrases your dialogue into an adlib line in his next movie. I'm pretty sure Wil Wheaton heard about one of my star trek flash games, and I know Bill Cosby's lawyer knew about another. The point is, even if you have no clue about who sees it, your work does have an impact and does inspire others.

Q: Who is your favourite NG flash artist?

A: The one who has something to say. A lot of the people on my Favorite Flash Authors list are ones who had something to say. You don't have to draw good to have something to say, but you need something interesting to keep people from closing out of your cartoon. Or keep it so short that by the time they want to exit out, it's already over.

Q: How did you come up with your online business "Rainbow Animations"?

A: It was 1999/2000 and my flash collection was starting to accumulate. I figured since a lot of my work at the time was varying, from senseless to dramatic, I covered all shades...little did I know, I picked the gayest thing I could find. One of the cartoon parody series I was working on at the time was Reading Rainbow, so that also played a factor. I find that much like a flash cartoon, a rainbow is intangible, something that is there, but cannot be touched. It's strange creating something that physically does not exist, but can be experienced.

Q: Do you consider yourself a great flash animator?

A: No. I'm lazy. I was one of the first generations on Newgrounds, so timing played a part. I love the process of it though, how it all comes together (or doesn't) for the viewer at the other end, from idea, to writing, to drawing, to voicing, to editing, to exporting. I usually don't like the painstaking animation process, but really want to tell a short story or joke, and see it through. Like waiting in line on the freeway to see an accident. You've done your time going 10mph, God be damned if you miss that stretcher. See it through.

Q: How long have you been practicing flash for?

A: Fall 1999 to present. I've slowed down my releases because I got a job, and because the quality of the work that comes out now makes me look like a cripple with a tablet. The standards are incredibly high, and it's always refreshing when Marc makes a release, he brings them all down a notch with his hilarious cartoons.

Q: You also have quite a few art pieces submitted to the art portal, the majority of zombies. Tell us why you mostly submit zombies?

A: I'm not as big of a zombie fan as the average zombie fan is. I like their expressions, they can be so silly sometimes. It's fun to draw gory things too, I don't think that's changed since 7th grade. By the way, the Newgrounds art portal has some of the best artwork I have ever seen on the Internet. Amazing artists there.

Q: Who is your favourite artist? (Not flash)

A: My favorites are usually the ones that inspire me. They offer something that I can use. When it comes to music, my favorites are ones that I can put in the background and continue drawing or whatnot. Ladytron, Dragonforce, Crystal Castles, Amy Winehouse, Rammstein, Radiohead, Gorillaz are regulars. You might say, "Hey Jeremy, you prick, don't you know KMFDM was around long before Rammstein, and half of those other bands are just remixers." You might be right in saying that, but I'm not all that angsty with music. You listen to what works with you. Ethan, over at Axecop, listens to bluegrass while he draws. It sounds hilarious, might give that a try to see what comes of it.

Q: Well JeremyLokken, what can we see from you in time to come?

A: I've been working on (blah blah blah...it's been a couple years now) a few cartoons. One is about a two-headed man that must decide between his brother or love. Another is about a puppeteer who comes home to find his wife with another man, and creates a puppetshow illustrating his experience. And another one about a news reporter who arrives on the scene of a car accident before 911 finds out (similar to my Coffee Break cartoon). One of these days...



a new bunny by tgl media was the first flash i saw on newgrounds, reading rainbow parody was the second and i never had been soo encumbered with laughter in my miserable life. after that i couldn't get enough of the funny/stupid/ingenious shit being made by artists and got me soo amped to sneak during class, pop open browser, jack in, and watch movie or play games. and shit, the teachers would always find ways to block it, but we got around with proxy flash drives.
at that instant, i knew this place would be good.

yet again another great interview by... well, the interviewer.

Grammatical mistake in the first sentence "lasting longest members" just wanted to point that out. Other than that another great interview, can't wait to read the next one

Holy shit, I thought you died.

Wow... an animator who drew for more then 11 years on Newgrounds... that should be in the Guinness book! Maybe his animations isn't all that great, but I always liked watching his stories! Keep it up Jeremy! We are all waiting for your next flash!

I hope you make some more Jeremy I have always liked your movies

Jeremy's Rainbow-Animations site brought me to Newgrounds. At that time he was my personal favorite flash animator. Today I sometimes still hum that Beck song that played in "Grob the Swedish idiot" where a chocolate addicted kid falls into a chocolate-tank and is processed to a chocolate-stature. I still range that cartoon to my personal all time favorite flash animations. Also back then I loved his goofier way with the presidential debate and election-campaign of John Carry. And before I forget it although I had not seen the Goonies when I saw Sloth tripping to chocolate or fighting him Will Wonka in a lasersword- duell I was totally addicted to the stuff on Rainbow-Animations ... uhm maybe thats also because I smoked a lot of weed back then and freaked out tho Jeremy's cartoons.

Thank you Jeremy that was an awesome time back then and all the stuff even the immaturest poop was worth it.

Cheers dude, rock on!

One of the funniest and unintentionally poignant cartoons in Mr. Lokken's catalog is "The Kerry Kampaign", which is all about snippets of John Kerry's spectacular Democratic National Convention speech, during his candidacy in 2004. With the theme music from Army of Darkness playing in the background, Kerry belts out a truly un-American speech about ****ing two bicycle mechanics full of wonders and mysteries. Even though Lokken's skills may appear lackluster to some, his ability to combine audio and visual effects into an immersing, absurd experience, more than compensates for any deficiency. For that, we should eagerly anticipate anything Jeremy Lokken brings to Newgrounds, because he proves you don't need to be a brilliant animator or artist to create an unforgettable cartoon.

Not sure if it comes in a future fix but as of now because this account has no artistical contribution it's not possible to follow the account like a normal account ( using the star button ). If you are aware of such a change coming then neglect the following.

Would it not be a good idea to make one commercial like flash animation promoting the Interviewer?
Would make the account favourable ( sort of possible for people to sucribe for it ) and at same time making more people and artists aware of this.
Cause I like this stuff alot, but it always have been a bit of hidden on site.