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Interview with SpaceWhale

Posted by TheInterviewer - January 14th, 2012


Interview No. 85

Interview By: @Atlas

Today we have a great artists from the audio portal by the name of SpaceWhale.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and how did you join?

A: I found Newgrounds from a website called "ThatVideoGameSite". I came here in '06, but signed up a year later.

Q: You have 14 art pieces on your profile. Do you want to be able to submit to the art portal?

A: Definitely! I love drawing, and I do it at any time I get, being able to OFFICIALLY submit would be awesome, since people could tell me how to get better.

Q: Most people know you for your music but you also have 3 solo projects on how to use FL Studio. I watched the first one and I discovered much from it. Are you proud to say you made those?

A: Sort of, haha. The quality on them isn't great, and they were really rushed since I had a 5 minute cap on the recording, since I had used the demo of Jing.

Q: You currently have six albums released. Do you think the albums sold well?

A: To be honest, not really. They've gotten an average of 5 downloads each, and that's not that many. But, that's at least something.

Q: Is "The Freq" a band with other people or is it a one man band?

A: I do all of my music myself. I use to be in my brother's band (Mr. Antagonist), but now I just work alone.

Q: You have a variety of genres of music made which is your favorite?

A: Ugh, that's a tough one! I would have to decide between dubstep and house. Dubstep really makes me get creative with my sounds, and house is soulful and playful.

Q: You also have made many Dubstep songs. Do you like Dubstep or is Dubstep just easy to make?

A: I make dubstep since it's fun! It's a challenge trying to make a complex song and still have it sound interesting without it being overly-complicated.

Q: Is your username SpaceWhale based off the song you made?

A: Actually, it's the opposite. At the time, I felt I needed a theme song. My artist alias has since changed, but the song remains one of my favorites. c:

Q: Do you think you are one of Newgrounds Elite when it comes to audio?

A: Definitely not! I am far away from that.

Q: You have at the moment 278 audio submissions since 1/07/2010. Why do you have so many songs?

A: Mainly because I upload a lot of tests and WIPs, but I am trying to move away from doing that.

Q: Who is your favorite musician on Newgrounds?

A: Agh, that's a tough one! If I HAD to pick one, It'd be SmithCommaJohn. His music is just so weird, but awesome at the same time.

Q: What can we expect from SpaceWhale in the future?

A: I don't know, actually! I'm constantly trying to do different genres, so if any new ones pop up then you should expect some from me. Other than that, just expect more music, I guess. :P

It seems SpaceWhale loves music and will make more music through the years so best of luck to him on his musical journey.



I love his lo-fi, subtractive synthesis, glitch music. He is pretty underated in my opinion.

Also, review KingBastard. He is one of the best musicians on the site.

I have never heard of SpaceWhale before. It's a good thing their was a review about him. Now, I know an other musician to listen too :P

thanks for all the positive comments

How come this interview doesn't have an introduction to the user, or a couple of closing lines?

That'd be handy for people who're not clued-in on SpaceWhale.

who the fuck is this

TOAS my fault forgot to add those sorry

lololo this is kewl

Sorry the intro and closing should be up later today or into the night so that confusion stops for those of you who have no clue who SpaceWhale is.

SpaceWhale is ghey