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Interview with TheShadling

Posted by TheInterviewer - December 10th, 2011


Interview No. 81

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is certainly one of the more interesting ones interviewed here, and that is truly saying a lot. His NSFW works have been recognized by many members of Newgrounds, as well as his other artistic pieces such as Madness Heist movie poster. He is the one, and I am quite certain, the only, @TheShadling.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: As a young gentleman with high tastes, still new to this whole "internet" thing, I was in search for special imagery of my favorite videogame characters, wich would give myself sexual arousal. That search brought me to this site, although really disappointed with the amount of good masturbational imagery, I decided to join later. so I would be able leave zero reviews.

Q: Your first entry into the Art Portal is one I actually quite like and that it The tale of boxing. It holds an interesting comic book style to it. Is this what you were going for or is there something else here I'm missing?

A: It symbolizes the beauty of the female genitalia in a painting, anybody can see that, except for women, cause thei are missing a certain part in their brain.

Q: conmpentlative is another interesting piece by you holding the possible cop/reporter motif. What drew you to draw such a piece in other words what was the inspiration?

A: It has been drawn so long ago, the memory of it has already decayed way to much inside my brain, it faded like dust in the wind.

Q: What is the Ng Levels Art Collab?

A: A complication of faggots, n****rs and dykes who think thei are cool.

Q: When it comes to your artwork, some of it can be quite disturbing. Examples being PedoMom, Revealing Taste, Tasty Catgirl, Hero on Display, Fuhrungsqualitaten, and L33t Gamer. In this world, pornography is abundant, but when it comes to drawn stuff such as comics and hentai, one question people ask is who draws this stuff and why? So I ask you, what possesses you to draw such adult pictures? What is the fascination with transsexuals? Also what do you think of those who dislike your works for simply not being what they expected?

A: No

Q: We come to one picture by you entitled Wife. It comes from the flash comic by you entitled Bloodrocuted. Growing up during the 90's I was no stranger to that of the Grunge underground comics. Were you inspired by comic books during your lifetime? Whether your answer be yes or no could you please tell us your inspirations?

A: Yes, next to my siring hatred for female life forms, I was mostly inspired by the Grunge underground comic: Micky and Donald Duck adventures.

Q: Shads Sketchbook Tour collects sketches from your sketchbooks. For those hoping to get into art or animation, how vital is it for them to have a sketchbook?

A: Vital? No, I only use it to help me get laid.

Q: Shad's Army Scrapbook. A lot of beautiful sketches as well as some disturbing ones. You stated that these were drawn during five months of army services. When did you enlist in the army and what did you do? Also did these sketches help you cope or just put you into a different world?

A: I joined cause I happened to find the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he was in the army so hilarious! Those Sketches where made to give me perks in the army, such as handjobs in the shower, or a gentle massage in the tank, its all good.

Q: When it comes to your artwork from sketches, drawing, coloring, and working on the computer. What are all the tools that you use? Also what can you recommend to someone just getting started in art?

A: The same tool I use for masturbation, my right hand. Anybody who wants to get into "the art" should bionicly engineer their feet to be hands aswell, so thei can have even more tools at their disposal, something about the Darwin theory promises us that in the near future we wont even have to engineer our bodies to get that to work.

Q: Looking through all of your artwork it is apparent that you have your own definitive style and can adapt to other styles quite well. Have you ever thought about taking a shot at animation though?

A: I did think of taking shots before, but never at animations, more at women.

Q: As a Newgrounds artist, what advice do you have to give to other artists and animators here on Newgrounds?

A: Always wear a condom, blood and or semen doesn't belong in the mouth.

Q: What can we expect from TheShadling in the future?

A: Death

Well many of you suggested an interview with TheShadling and so I decided to answer your request. I thought it would be interesting to see what answers I would get from TheShadling, I had always been curious about works like what TheShadling draws and the inspiration behind them. However it seems TheShadling has decided to take a different route in answering my questions. Did I learn anything from this? Nope. He is still an outstanding artist though.



Best interview ever.

lol, what did you expect?

I guess I wasn't sure what to expect, I never am with these, I was hoping for something a bit more though. However if people are happy with this one then that's all that matters to me.

Last question ... best answer ever.

lmao genius

Additionally, I think it's important for you (TGO) to not only recognize the talent on NG, but to understand that they're all going to come from a different place, and can/will often offer answers that are ambiguous, controversial, rude, or otherwise unhelpful. Artists are a strange breed, and the Shadling ... one of the strangest.

But like you said, his oddity in know way dampens his creativity or talent ... in fact, one might say it is his disassociation from the "norm" that has inspired him to create free of the "social red-tape" that many of us avoid conflict with... and thus, are hampered by.

Just a thought.


Shadling ... Your fucking awesome dude.

Funniest interview ever!

i agree with MOC-Productions Best interview every and all the questions were answered greatly especially that last one.

Shadling is pretty great

Let him continue creating vile art but hope he doesn't visit at your house...

Best yet.

Sorry this made me laugh...

Best fucking interview ever without question.

Shadman is a dick. And that's why we love him.

Wait, that came out wrong.

Now interview Spazkid.

I didn't know what to expect but even though the answers may not have been what you wanted it's still good to see TheShadling has a sense of humor that's very unique.

Shadman will always be one of my favorite artists for both hilarity and talent.
and he also has a very large penis.

ok, let me spit something out: most famous members on ng are very talented and have skills. however they are also a bunch of crazy, violent, disturbing, offensive people, yet i still respect them. egoraptor is a foul- mouthed guy but hes still awesome. oney is somehow sexually funny but i dont care. however theshadling is an ignorant hentai monster who is actually very inspiring to me.

Awesome art and a great sense of humor. You don't get any better than that. :D

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