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Interview with Oney #2

Posted by TheInterviewer - November 23rd, 2011


Interview No. 77

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest has been here once before. When he was first here we talked about his works in flash animation as well as his voice acting and music. He was one of the first twenty guests here on The Interviewer. Within this time however he has brought us many more projects from Leo & Satan, How to be a Vblogger, and he offered his music abilities to that of The Room Tribute. He is an amazingly funny guy he is once again @Oney.

Q: This is a sense of Deja Vu. You were one of The Interviewer's first guests. It has been two years since then and you have certainly exploded throughout the portal. So let's start with FRED - Animated Series. Going back to the Assassin days of Newgrounds of killing off celebrities, I guess it's not really surprising that someone on Newgrounds would kill this guy, but if you could humor me, why did you decide you were gonna 'pull the trigger' so to speak?

A: I just remember hating him a lot at the time, I don't really care anymore though.

Q: Telefrancais collab would be a strange collaboration. How would you come across this collab and was it fun working with these other Newgrounds artists and animators? Also what all did you do for the collab?

A: I'm pretty sure I just wanted to participate in a collab because I had never done it before, I also liked the freedom in the project, I had no idea what I was doing. It was great working with these guys, was a really chilled project.

Q: Kids These Days is interesting. What does it parody exactly? Is it a parody of those who over-exaggerate with what kids and teenagers like in the media or is there something else here?

A: Euggh, it was a commission for RTE, ireland's main broadcasting company. They asked me to parody the Jonas Brothers, I had literally no interest in working on it. For a huge broadcasting company they really had no idea what the fuck they were doing.

Q: Learn 2 Read although quite short has a kid with a voice similar to a future character of yours and the adult turns into a red demon similar to another character of yours. Would this be the precursor to that of Leo & Satan? If not then where did the idea of Leo & Satan come from and who does whose voice?

A: Learn to read was seperate from Leo and Satan, although I do see where you could think they're related. It was literally a one night project I did out of boredom. As for Leo and Satan, when I was in school, my friend Sean and I were joking around and thought it would be funny if Satan was a mischievous old man whose worst punishment was putting to much sugar on someone's pancakes. We needed someone for Satan to piss off with this so I drew Leo and we made a the short Pancake Doomsday. It grew from there.

Q: Leo & Satan II is hilarious. The intro stated that 'you asked for it'. The demand for a sequel came to be and you certainly didn't disappoint. You did not have to give into this demand though, why did you want to though? Also after Leo & Satan's first adventure, where did you get the ideas for this one?

A: People really seemed to like Algebra Aversion, and I always wanted to make a drug related cartoon. I also wanted to see if I could top the first, I think it came pretty close.

Q: When it comes to those who do vlogs on YouTube I like Jonathan Paula as well as What The Buck. However How to be a Vblogger would be you and psychicpebble's shots on the vloggers of YouTube. Where did you two get the idea for this? What is it like working with psychicpebble? Also are there any vloggers that you do like?

A: I don't mind vloggers, it's when they pollute the front page of youtube with the same grin every day, that really annoys me. As for the bigshots like Ray William Johnson etc. they are untalented dickheads that do the same thing over and over and I just wanted them to know not everyone wants to suck their cocks. Working with Psychicpebble is always a pleasure, he's very organized and talented.

Q: You would get to work with Tom Fulp and JohnnyUtah on The Room Tribute by making the music for the game. One being the Chris R Battle Theme. How did you end up being chosen to do this? What are your throughts on the movie "The Room"? Also what involvement besides music did you have in the game's creation?

A: I remember I was at the NG office when Tom showed us all a preview of the Room game, he said he was getting Mike to do a theme for the game. I asked could I try make him some music, and he said yeah. I sent him the song and him and JohnnyUtah liked it so much he asked me to do the soundtrack. No talent was involved however, I just remade the songs from the movie.

Q: When eddsworld was here we talked about Hammer & Fail and Hammer & Fail 2. How did you come across meeting Ed and what was the experience in working with him?

A: I met Edd at the Newgrounds London Meet, I showed him my cock and he asked me to voice in his flash. I feel bad cos whenever people ask me for lines I leave it till the last second. Working with Edd is a pleasure though, he has patience for that kind of bullshit.

Q: Why Terry is Gay. I only have one question for you here. Who's Terry?

A: One of my old friends who is actually gay.

Q: Leo & Satan III. We get to see a different side of Satan. However the ending seems to be a cop out for continuation. Was this intended to continue what is now a series or were you just leaving the door open?

A: Naaah, I knew there'd be more after this one, if you wait till the credits are over Leo comes back from the dead, I just wanted to fuck with people.

Q: Leo & Satan IV where Leo and Satan would play the game "Stranger Danger", but lose the batteries to the controller. It is blown out of proportion at its finest. Your movie would go on to inspire the Stranger Danger Game here on Newgrounds. Where did the idea for this adventure come from and what are your thoughts on the game?

A: This was the episode that taught me not to write for the sake of writing, I always had people telling me that I could have Leo and Satan in any dumb situation. I wanted to test that and have a whole episode revolve around losing batteries, I'm really not happy with it. I think it's the ending that I really fucked up on.

Q: The Obnoxious Orange would be another point of YouTube that you would make fun of. Why the Annoying Orange and will we see other YouTube entities?

A: Well that cartoon was actually animated and written by PsychicPebble, I just did the voice of the orange. There will be more youtube parodies in the future, we need to write them first.

Q: When Manly-Chicken was here we talked about the all confusing !-!Awesome Collab!-!. What were your thoughts on it?

A: I just drew a shitty AWESOME BANDICOOT picture to get some kids hopes up, that's how pathetic I am.

Q: TOME Episode 01 was recently released. When Kirbopher was here we talked about the precursor to this that of his "TvTome Adventures". It was met with a scathing review from both psychicpebble and yourself. Where do you stand on Kirbopher and other Newgrounds animators here?

A: I didn't like it, it's just my opinion. I think he has potential but he won't unlock it until he takes some criticism.

Q: What can we expect from Oney in the future?

A: Me and PsychicPebble are working on a sketch cartoon, it will be out soon enough, also maybe more Leo and Satan's when I get things sorted out.

In the past I stated that Oney had hit all the bases of art, animation, and music and is one of the few Newgrounds members to do so. I still stand by this statement. However back then he wasn't the Newgrounds household name that he his nowadays. He has grown in all three of these branches and has added voice acting to this. If you have yet to see any of Oney's flash movies then you truly have missed out. Chances are most of you probably haven't listened to his music and for that I say shame on you.



It's cool to see NG having its own "celebrities".
Nice Interview, once again.
But I do have a question... was Egoraptor interviewed at one time?

You can check the other interviews on The-Great-One mainpage.

Also, I'm very happy that Oney got an interview again :D I really liked the new animations he did, and I will always hope for something new from him :3


yeah I also forgot to say my opinion of the Room. The room is FUNNY LOL.

Stranger Danger game is being worked on, hopefully it'll kick ass and be addicting as hell. ;)


After "working together" on the Awesome collab, Oney went on to block me on skype.

Good interview.

While newgrounds has played host to numerous online phenoms, WUN-ee is truly one of the few NG spawns to ascend to true online celebrity.

Let's all cross our fingers and hope the suits come around and see the numbers online.