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Interview with Jazza #2

Posted by TheInterviewer - October 26th, 2011


Interview No. 72

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest has been here once before. During his time away from us he has been working on LARRY episode 1.5, LARRY episode 2, LARRY: Gnomergeddon, Larry And The Gnomes, Meaty Boner, and Fried Egg (Friday Parody). He truly is on a journey through multiple different projects and has yet to stop. He is once again, @Jazza.

Q: Last time we left off, we spoke about LARRY episode 1. Since then it has garnered its own collection here on Newgrounds simply entitled Larry. A lot has been built upon this series since then. Starting with LARRY episode 1.5. You've stated that it's an introduction to newer characters within the same land as Karryon. Why did you feel the need to introduce us to these new characters and will they play some supporting role later in the series?

A: My intention since before I even began animating the series wasn't to follow a single character, although it is named after one in particular. My hope was to create a thick world of memorable characters for their own unique stories and reasons. BUT in saying that, it is still a series following a continuous story of the main character, Larry, so I've always planned having 'side' episodes which allow me to break from a rigid timeline and character focus. For me it feels like a nice mix, being able to keep a good solid story planned while still telling the stories of the many other characters within the town, so they feel as important and likable as any other, even if in the main episodes they only make small appearances

Q: LARRY episode 2 continues the story, but unlike the first one it seemed a bit shorter. Is there a reason for this?

A: Well it's actually not shorter hehe, they're almost exactly the same in length. In terms of how long i plan for episodes to be, i roughly aim for 8-10 minutes, but it's more about telling the story properly weather it takes longer or shorter then the usual 8-10 minute goal :)

Q: We now come to the LARRY games. They include LARRY: Doug-Out, LARRY: Big Dipper, LARRY: Gnomergeddon, Larry And The Gnomes, and LARRY: Pup Run. You have stated time and time again that these are mini-games. Is that all they are or do they have some connection to the series?

A: Of the Larry games the only one which isn't a mini game is Larry and the Gnomes (which i intended to feel like a full story in itself), but the purpose of the mini games (aside from promoting the series in a different way to a different audience) has been to increase the richness of the world. Letting people be involved in the story rather then just watching. I tend to feel if an audience member has played as Pup running full speed through Karryon for 15 minutes, the next time they see it happen in an episode, they'll feel more connected to the experience.

Q: When it comes to the LARRY series there are more games than there are movies. Why is this?

A: It just happened that way I guess, I enjoy making both, games tend to be more gratifying to make in the short term (mini games at least) so they're fun to bring out, and they reach a wider audience. Otherwise, I still have a LOT planned for future episodes. But games too ^_^

Q: Our first meeting there was one game I forgot to bring up and that was the Kill Kar. It would get a sequel called the Kill Kar II: Revenge. What was the inspiration for both of these games and why a sequel?

A: To be honest of all the games i've worked on, they are both the ones i've been the least attached to. I think mainly because I like to think of making games as a story telling experience, neither of those games are. They were more of a 'something to do' project.

Q: You have been busy with Game Jams recently. With entries such as Meaty Boner, Robinson Crusoe: The Game, and Sundown Dash. When it comes to joining with a group of people, what do you look for in a collaboration?

A: ENTHUSIASM! I'm an extremely energetic person when it comes to working on projects, and the game jams have been a vital resource for me to let out some steam when working on a big project, to get together with other people ready to have a lot of fun and work their guts out with me over a weekend and make something start to finish.

Q: You are not only an outstanding flash animator and artist, but you are also gifted with a wonderful voice. One song I want to know more about is one that you have written yourself and that the Happiest in the World. Where did this song come from?

A: That's one I wrote a while ago, it was after a break up and I was nice and emo lol. It was also in my early stages of learning to write songs so there's little subtlety, but in a way i kinda like looking back at the things I've made in the past even though i feel i could do better now, and seeing the progress and changes I've made.

Q: We've talked about you doing a cover of Mad World. So why you do covers is understandable. However when we come to Fried Egg (Friday Parody), you basically pulled a "Weird Al Yankovic" with us and it was hilarious and glorious. I may regret this, but how on Earth did you come up with these lyrics and will we see more song parodies in the future?

A: Aha it was very spur-of-the-moment. It's how I enjoy working, if the passion to do something arises I either make it in that moment or leave it and it never gets made. So that song was on a weekend in which I (and many others) was humored by the video by rebecca. The lyrics were kinda pooped out :P

Q: Words for Alexandra is a beautiful song, one that you breathed so much life into. I personally can say that I understand how you feel and it's a terrible feeling to lose a friend in high school. When we spoke with Bosa he stated that it was a bit too personal for him to share. So if you do not wish to share then I won't force you, but I and others would like to share these feelings with you if we can.

A: No i'm pretty open about it all so no worries. Like I said a moment ago, It was something that in the moment of obviously intense emotion and chaos, i needed to express, to both tribute her and release my own emotions in a healthy way. I kinda worry now and then if i throw my audience off a little when one moment i put something out there of nothing but parody, stupidity and impulse, then the next moment i'm singing through tears and emo-ing up the joint, but in the end i like to see my role as a story teller. Some people may not ever like the way i do what I do and that's perfectly OK, but a story is a story, weather is makes you laugh or cry, and It's just who I am in that I have the need to share it.

Q: We have spoken to MasterAardvark here on two different occasions. You have stated that you were part of a stream with him. What is this strange being like?

A: If i could put it in to words you would die of pure awesomeness and horror at the same time. We had the best evening when he and Lochie came over, and in the evening we got a little tipsy and jumped on chat roulette, made MasterAardvark (felix) take his shirt off, face away from the camera, and convince creepy dudes to touch themselves, then got felix to reveal his nasty beard and male gender. It was possibly the best time of our lives and we all slept in the same bed that night. Not gay. Here's a pic... He'll thank me for sharing that with you :)

Q: What is Ortus?

A: Ortus has been my focus for the last year, it's the biggest project i've ever been a part of running by far, and i would say as a flash game, and as an RPG game in general, has many hige things to offer that people haven't seen before. We've been working around the clock to make it revolutionary. It's a MASSIVE multi-pathed story based isometric RPG in flash, with at least 50 hours of gameplay easy, HEAPS of different story paths, character options and endings, locations, skills, enemies, and.... Don't get me started coz i could go on all day. It'll be done before the end of the year fingers crossed.

Q: What can we expect form Jazza in the future?

A: Ortus is the big thing this year, it's my baby as well as the baby of the other dedicated team members. I want to do more Larry content as well ad music and an album later, and whatever direction becomes my more prominent and professional path (music, games or animation) I'll be sure to keep doing the others in my spare time and keep passionately telling my little stories to whoever might care to partake! :D

Jazza was here once before and when he was we learned a lot about his works and a little bit about himself. With this interview I think we learned a little bit more. The amazing thing is by the time this interview has been posted he still isn't done yet or probably has something newer out already. He truly is a worker. From the old members that grew on this site with Paladin and to the new members who are now growing with Larry. Who knows where this creative artist will take us next, all we know is it will be somewhere wonderful.



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Yeah, the questions were too long or something. and too many. not very intriguing. i was a huge fan of the paladin series back in the day though

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You do these way too frequently to be truly effective. Plus most of the information can be found on his own account. You should dig deeper rather than simply asking, "What are these NG projects about?"

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