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Interview with Manly-Chicken

Posted by TheInterviewer - September 21st, 2011


Interview No. 64

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is mainly a coder here on Newgrounds. He has done works on games such as Letz Maek A Flash Gaem, Ban That Fulp!, and Friday: The Game. He is an interesting forum member, but overall he is quite possibly one with the most unique usernames that is just as fun to say as it is to spell, @Manly-Chicken.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: A long time ago back in 2007 I was like 13 or something. I really loved the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games and wanted to find good flash based skateboarding games. Unfortunately, none such exists. I eventually got flash Cs3 but never used it. Slowly I started learning code, and slowly I got back into Newgrounds.

Q: Santa's Missiletoe would be your first flash game on Newgrounds. Where did this idea come from and looking back on it are you still proud of it?

A: I'm not "proud" of it per say, I'm more impressed that I got it to work properly. It was an insanely simple game that i could finish in a day right now, but it was my first game on Newgrounds, and my first real game, and it's pretty damn impressive for one (even if it sucks)

Q: What is The Windows Collab?

A: Aww shit, I'm gonna have to answer that one... I admit it. Back in 09 I was a... n00b. A Mikeys9607 style n00b. I had numbers in my name that was based on an aol account because there are no good aol names left.

Basically I sucked and thought I was good at animation and couldn't be told otherwise or I'd get pissed off. An example why you should lurk for a year or so then start posing if you're young.

Q: You would be part of the lazymuffin draft collab. How did you come across this collab and what was it like working with other artists?

A: Not really all that hard. I didn't actually work with anybody, I worked on stand alone animation.

Q: Letz Maek A Flash Gaem is game that is all about speed with three different challenges. How did you come up with this idea? Also will there be a sequel or would adding more things make it complex?

A: I was at summer camp and I had 2 game ideas: a minigame collection that only used one button a RPG like NG Sim, but you can control how good the flash is. The first one never came to be, but I wound up kinda doing the second in like 3 days. It even got the front page :D It also was my first game with medals (that didn't work for 2 months...)

Q: Ban That Fulp! is a recreation of an old Internet game called "Spank the Monkey". Did you use that as an inspiration. Also what is the story behind this Stickam chat?

A: Ban That Fulp is a rip off of spank the monkey, and it's only popular because it has tom fulp in it. The story of the stickam chat is that, as you know, the REAL NG chat isn't done yet.

A popular alternative is the stickam chatroom. Back before the group chatroom that can't die, we had a bunch of rooms like "ng hotties" or "ng books" because the room died after an hour of inactivity. One day, Tom came on, which he never does, and he starts posting links and streaming furry porn, so he gets permabanned (I just missed it). So I make a game in 1 day.

Q: This is the one game that I have been eager to know about and that is Friday: The Game. You would work with Pjorg on this game. Whose idea was this? Whose jokes were whose? Also do you regret not having an option for killing Justin Bieber?

A: Friday: the Game is a game I'm really proud of. I saw how popular Friday was on youtube, and how there was only one real game for it (Rebecca Whack). It was originally going to be a small game where you only have 2 or 3 choices, pick one, if it's right you move on, if not you die, etc.

I tried getting Luis on board, but no. This was my first real collab with Pjorg not for a game jam.

Q: Power Devour! is one of those wave games. Where you have waves of enemies coming in and if you have to kill them. However with this one some have to be killed a certain way. This would be you and your team's Game Jam entry, how did you come across this team, this concept, and what problems did you come to when making it?

A: It's not our first game jam. MY first game jam was game jam 2 with the godawful wreck "slappy the walrus". In game jam 3 I was on vacation in Florida, and I was going home on the second day of the jam. They were letting you pick your teams (kinda ruining the idea of a game jam) I made a fan thread about finding a team because no such one exists.

NonPlusUltra pm'd me about joining his team with him and Schleif. Later during the livestream I met pjorg (and I was working on a game with Elfman-rox but it never got off the ground.)

We made a game called "They Came From Nam" featuring a giraffe vietnam war vet named "giraffe rambo jesus" saving his daughter from vietkong paper planes. It had 3 bosses and was hard as shit.

The NG community hated it. but it came in third in the jam. We made power devour in the next jam without NPU. We were supposed to have 3d-xelu, but he never showed.

It got a better score, but it was still sucky. We then made everybody poops in the latest game jam and nobody liked it.

Q: Staff Sumo Smackdown! is another game you would program for. How did this game come to be and why the Newgrounds staff members?

A: It was a week until Pico Day and I finished Friday the Game a little earlier. Redharvest wanted a programmer, and I answered the call.

I used the NG staff because pico day is always about fictional characters. I did it to stand out.

Q: There seems to be a story here with !-!Awesome Collab!-!. You would submit entries, the collab would fall and be resurrected to !-Awesome Collab-! New Thread to give us the flash The AWESOME Collab. It seems your entries would not be entered and I don't believe you were the only one exempted were you? What can you tell us about this?

A: Like I said, I was a n00b. It was a shitty collab and I made an even shittier part for it, and I freaked the fuck out when I didn't get accepted.

Some people have an inner child. I have an inner n00b who can come out at the worst times.

Q: You have assisted with the 2010 Newgrounds BBS Awards and the 2011 Newgrounds BBS Mid-Year Awards. Why did you decide to offer your services here or were you chosen?

A: I assisted in the 2010 awards by making a crappy minigame where you catch daily 1st trophies with the ng tank.

I MADE the 2011 mid year awards from scratch in 1 day.

Q: When it comes to programming, what does a programmer do?

A: A programmer is somebody who deals with the code of a video game of course. It makes the game do things. Without code, a flash game is just a movie that loops forever and has no preloader. Games can have no art (text based games) but have to have code or some sort of programming. Movies are the opposite, requiring no code.

Q: You are certainly a collab man. When it comes to looking for a collab to join, what should someone be looking for and what should they be aware of?

A: They should look for somebody they work well with and has their sense of humor/ideas and you should enjoy working with them and enjoy what they make.

Even if they don't do much it always helps to bounce ideas off of people to see what they think.

Q: What can we expect from Manly-Chicken in the future?

A: I'm trying to stay focused on that penguin game I'm working on with rice pirate but I lose focus so easy. I'm still working with pjorg, so stay tuned.

Manly-Chicken is a creative mind no doubting that at all. His coding work is not only impressive at times, but I can only see it getting better as time goes by. His name should be one on your list of possible programmers for any upcoming games or collaborations.



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