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Interview with Omnivore

Posted by TheInterviewer - September 6th, 2011


Interview No. 61

Interview By: @NekoMika


I decided it was time for me to interview someone again since you know... it has been a while. So I looked through the ever lovable place I know as the audio portal to see if there was any audio artists worth giving a review too. I then came to a friend of mine who despite the name is not entirely one and I also view him as a somewhat underrated audio artist. After seeing he had been shown on the front page of EquestriaDaily a couple of times I decided to give him an interview. What follows is the interview I had with the wonderful audio artist named @Omnivore!

Q: Ok, so how did you happen to find Newgrounds?

A: I knew about it way before I made an account, searching for 'fun flash games', I noticed a pattern of how many times this website would come up, I got a bit interested. When I found out that I could upload my own music to NG, I got interested, then sucked up to pier pressure and joined.

Q: Well peer pressure is never truly a good thing is it? Would you view fans wondering about new pieces of music from you as pressure at all or do you just relax and have fun while you work on music?

A: Well, now that I'm more comfortable with whether fans like my stuff or not, I guess I just relax and have fun while I work on different projects of the matter.

Q: Interesting so far indeed on your username, why you like MLP:FIM and what inspired you to make music! Is there any combination of music programs you prefer or any specific genre you enjoy creating the most?

A: Well, I'm currently learning how to use Reason's 'ReWire' to link Reason and Ableton together for an epic sound shifting experience. I'm used to making Trance and a tad bit of House, Electro, and DnB, however, I've gotten curious with Dubstep lately, and currently researching on Skrillex's production strategies.

Q: What inspired you to start creating audio?

A: Well, it started back when I was 7, my brother's best friend showed me this cool computer game, MTV Music Generator. I've always wanted to try it, but he wouldn't let me. My brother kept the disk, and he let me try it out for the first time, and boy was it AWESOME. I created everything, from covers of famous songs like 'I'm Blue' to 'What is Love?' to 'The Final Countdown' and my own original work. After many years of messing around with that, my dad decided to get me a new program, Magix Music Maker 12. Now this was a cool program, because it was the first to produce samples and mess with real life audio control, like EQ, Distortion, and Reverb effects. But it was only an arranger, and that was as basic as you can get. Throughout the years, my brother introduced me to a band known as 'The Prodigy'. Their music led me into curiosity of how they produce and sell. After watching this video for the first time, I was introduced to Ableton, a new program that stood from the others. After a whole year of using that program, I was introduced to many more on the way, like Reason, FL Studio, Cubase, and Logic. And unless a better program comes along, I think Ableton will be with me as long as I live. And that is how my entire musical life gave me inspiration to keep on rollin'.

Q: What makes you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so much?

A: For starters, it's a great show, the characters were developed with great personalities, the animation was focused on expertly, the creators didn't make it pathetic, but they made it easy to follow and funny along the way. But the biggest addition to all of this, is the attention the fan-base gets from the producers themselves. Whether it's Derpy Hooves, adding the line "20% Cooler" to the commercial for the second season, the fan-base is the biggest part of how they make the show... Even if it's meant for girls, the developers support our love for the show, and they want to keep it so the show lives on forever. "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic is not a meme, it's a way of life" ~ bprofbrown of Youtube. Even if people argue whether it is or not, it supports things that make life better, like love and tolerance, which is a way of life itself. In all, it's a fandom (or way of life) that shows whether you can support anything, even if it's not meant for a specific age group.

Q: I see your point on the show too. Users will still continue debate on whether it is a meme or simply a large internet following who enjoy the show. Do you plan on doing remixes of lines and tunes from season 2 as well? Any characters you want to see more often?

A: Yes! I need more material to work with, and as quickly as the show is released on September 17th, it will be a relief to work with new songs and hopefully, new people! I heard the each popular BG character will have at least one line to say in this season, hopefully the rumor about Vinyl Scratch's eye's being red is true! Her current look is simply divine! I do hope we see more Luna, Derpy, and Trixie in the next season, but all will be revealed once season 2 heads out on its way.

Q: I see. Usernames are not given to just anyone and users who have only been here a few weeks and not contributed anything are simply asked to make a new account. You have any users on here you wish to give a shout out to?

A: Well, talk about the first people I met on NG, that includes coleknows, OmegaRavager, and omegadude223. If you want a list of other people I shouted out to, check this out, some people aren't on it though..

Q: How did you come up with your username?

A: I was into the furry fandom back then, but trust me, I've been wanting to change it for a while now, it just adds too much negative attention. If I could change it, I would change it to my actual stage name, Omnivore or Omnipony. I'm more of a brony than a furry now, like a 25% to 75% difference. Well, if I was a brony any earlier, my name would've been 'BronyNG', but lets face it, until Luis or somepony gives me permission to change it, it's gonna be stuck this way for a while.

Q: I also see your song Fluttershine was featured on the front page of EquestriaDaily!! How did it make you feel seeing a song you worked hard on get the front page of that site?

A: I was extratisfied (I don't care whether that is a real word or not, it's a word now.)! It caught me off guard when I noticed my score got higher, along with the view count, then I checked and it was there! I thank coleknows for this one, he sent it to Seth over at Equestria Daily. More of my stuff is getting there to, so watch out for when a song or two might appear!

It was nice to actually interview someone once again and take a small break from reviewing and finding some great audio pieces in the audio portal and review request club. As for Omnivore it was a great time interviewing someone who is an under-appreciated audio artist, brony, and typically cool user. Many good wishes to him and his audio work in the future.



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