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Interview with The-Great-One

Posted by TheInterviewer - August 13th, 2011


Interview No. 56

Interview By: @Atlas

Today I interview a great writer and an even better interviewer @The-Great-One.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: I found Newgrounds back in 2004 through a website called VGDC which stood for Video Game Director's Cut. It had a lot of Mario parody flashes one which was a series that I loved was "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom." When I came to Newgrounds I mainly looked through more Mario parodies and found out that you could leave your own little opinions on the flash movies below as well as a lot of other cool things so I guess that's why I signed up and I don't tend to sign up to sites often and this was the first one I felt I needed to sign up to.

Q: You only have 4 submissions uploaded and you were the writer in three of those four. Have you ever considered making a solo flash?

A: Actually I wrote all four of them. I have considered making a solo flash, I downloaded the Adobe Flash Trial and gave it a whirl and I figured out very quickly that I can't draw for shit. I drew a stick figure and tried to animate it and when I did I ended up dissecting him into about eight or nine different pieces. So art and animation are not my favorable suits, I've always loved to write and I wish I could find more animators to animate my works.

Q: Since writing is your love ever considered writing songs or just making music in general?

A:I remember growing up and I loved playing with Mario Paint and making music with that and I enjoyed it. I can't write music because I can't read music so I don't see that in my future. If I could find a free music program and give music creation a whack I might, but in the mean time it's the written word for me.

Q: You've stated you were a fan of the N.G. Mag, Is that the reason why you started The Interviewer?

A: Yes it is. I loved reading the interviews for the NG Mag. However when the NG Mag stopped so did the interviews and I thought why stop the interviews? I also noticed that it was mainly just the Newgrounds Staff and Newgrounds Regulars who did these interviews. I thought if they could do it why not me?

Q: You've stated in your most recent news post that you are a brony. Why have you become one and what's so special about MLP?

A: Well I believe the news post can more than speak for itself, but I'll give the small version. Browsing around Newgrounds it is no surprise to run into a pony picture or two and see whose a fan and whose not through sig pics on the forums. When going through the Internet I believe I ran into some fan art of My Little Pony and since I knew who Ragnarokia was I thought it would be something he would enjoy, he thanked me for finding it and was happy that I didn't automatically hate the show despite watching. I finally got curious one night and watched the first five episodes, I was truly impressed that they took a toy and instead of making a show for purely marketing purposes, made a show with memorable characters, great morals, music, and animation to boot. It just blew my mind at the effort put into this show and I ended up really liking this show and becoming a fan.

Q: If Newgrounds brings back the Mag in the redesign what will happen to the interviewer?

A: I don't know. I don't think the Mag is coming back, but I could be wrong. If the Mag comes in the redesign I guess I'll try to strike up some kind of arrangement with Tom and see what we can do on moving the interviews there. If not then I guess The Interviewer will keep on trucking through news posts.

Q: As a writer will you enter the Madness Literature Contest this year?

A: I entered it last year at the last minute talking about what happens to Hank each time he gets banged up. I've been looking at the Clown a lot and wondering what kind of story I could tell with him and I think I have an idea of something, but I'm saving that for later. I normally don't enter many writing contests because I'm busy with The Interviewer as well as writing different things outside of Newgrounds.

Q: Since your a writer who of all the animators on the site would you like to write for?

A: Well I enjoyed working with Airfaerie95 when she did my short story entitled Nightmare and I asked about working with her again and she never responded. I would love to work with JAZZA as far as original characters and stories goes.

Well The-Great-One seems to be a nice brony who loves to write and loves writing interviews even more.



K J-rex is involved so this is a joke already.

^ It was a joke enough with the bullshit talk about My Little Pony. Some of you need better standards.