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Interview with Felix Colgrave #2

Posted by TheInterviewer - May 7th, 2011

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Interview No. 48

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Before I begin I would like to state that the following interview is indeed short, mainly due to our guest appearing here once already within this interview. We spoke of his flash works there and his arrival here on Newgrounds. I suggest you read that first before going on any further here. Today's guest is a brilliant mind and he's here to share with us today his thoughts on some of his newer works, the creative process, and his thoughts on winning the Newgrounds Tank Award for Best Flash Movie of the Year. He is none other than @MasterAardvark.

Q: The last time we spoke we discussed your flash works and one of those has won you the 2010 Newgrounds Tank Award for Best Flash Movie. That flash would be The Pigpen. You have told us about this flash extensively. How did it feel not only getting nominated for this award, but winning it as well?

A: Tom announced that I would be nominated back at the start of the year, which I felt quite honoured by, though back then the idea that I would win seemed ridiculous. When they announced me as winner I was ecstatic, but I also felt quite guilty that I haven't submitted much at all since Pigpen.

Q: You submitted The Pigpen on January 1st, 2010. At the beginning of the year. Looking back at both this flash and your first flash Yoghurt how do you feel as an animator?

A: To be honest I think I only just get away with the title of animator. As far as free internet cartoons made by teenagers go I think I'm ok, but when I look through animation history I think I've got a long way to go before I can deem myself a proper animator.

Q: Madness: Lactation would be your entry for Madness Day. Although your animation style works well with Madness this film was short. Do you have any plans on making a longer film for the upcoming Madness Day?

A: Lol no. Ah well, I don't know. It hadn't crossed my mind. I did one for shits and giggles and I'm happy I did, but if I made another one it'd be complete nonsense like the last one. I don't think I could pull off a serious action short.

Q: One thing I like about your animations is your style. Did you adapt your style from inspiration, a mentor, or did it spawn from your own creativity?

A: The style kind of evolves. I'm constantly drawing, and with each thing I draw, my idea of what things should look like changes. I'd like to upload more sketchbook stuff, because that experimentation is the thing I enjoy most about drawing, as well as what I most enjoy seeing other people do. There are also a lot of things I draw constantly, but never make it into animations or art pieces because they're not part of any idea. I flick through my sketchbooks and watch how my art changes, but that stuff doesn't make it to the internet.

Q: Where does creation begin for you? Does it start with a doodle, a script, or a thought that enters your mind? In a more forward way how does your mind produce these thoughts?

A: Doodle or thought, never script. I usually doodle while I'm thinking anyway. I'll be drawing, and either I get an idea and start drawing it and working out how it looks in real life, or I'll happen to doodle something I like and then start trying to build an idea around it.

Q: What can we expect from MasterAardvark in the future?

A: Something, probably. There's a lot of things I want to do but haven't, and being given an award now for something I made in 2009 has made me realise how little I've submitted lately. So I really need to start executing these ideas, for my sake.

Here before us is an outstanding creative mind filled with disturbing imagery and what better purpose than to share it with the world and see what they make of it. In my past interview with him I stated that he reminds me of ZekeySpaceyLizard and I stand by that statement to this day. I can see a bright future in the works for Mr. Felix Colgrave, a future filled with strange bizarre wonders that our human minds can't possibly conceive. I intend to join him on this ride, will you be as willing to trust him as well? If not then you will certainly be missing out on one hell of a ride.


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it's nice to ge to know master ardvark a little more. nice one!