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Interview with The777Demon

Posted by TheInterviewer - March 25th, 2011


Interview No. 44

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is just as regular a member as you and me. He is indeed a BBS Forum Regular. Some people would question why I do interviews like these and I will tell you that from time to time it's nice to hear from those who are here for the ride. To share with us why he loves the site is none other than @The777Demon.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: I knew about NG since early in the 00's, and i remember seeing a few parody flashes around the web. At some point i was looking for one of the movies, which might have been a sonic parody and i found it on NG, and realized that my friends used to show me the site all the time back in junior high. So I signed up and have been coming and going ever since.

Q: Your first post to the Newgrounds Forums would be in a thread that I seem to be familiar with and that was the SPA - Sprite protection agency. You've stated that you were posting under a new account. What was your older account and why did you make a new one?

A: I had a really generic name back then. It was crayboy666, and i made a new one for a few reasons. I was involved in a bit of drama with one of the spam crews, I think it was the Star Syndicate, and i was not familiar with the concept of trolling or being trolled at the time. So yeah i got trolled pretty hard. The other reason i made a new account was because i wanted a fresh start. I felt I could have been much more mature back in 07. I'd like to believe that i am now.

Q: Your first thread although nothing spectacular brings up the Press Start Movie entitled a videogame parody movie (looks ok). When posting this thread did you know about the Press Start series here on Newgrounds? Why this for your first thread under this account?

A: I did not know about the series at that time. I don't even think i was aware about that i was making my first thread either, i just made it. I made the thread because i had seen a commercial for it, and i thought it looked great. I'm not very proud of it either. In that thread i mentioned piracy about the movie, and ed glaser himself responded to it, and had a lot of problems with people pirating his movie. I'm also familiar with quite a few of the people he is affiliated with such as, spoony, thatguywiththeglasses, and linkara etc. I never got the chance to meet any of them though. I just don't like the idea that the only association I ever had with Ed was contributing to something that must have severely pissed him off. I never actually did pirate his movie, but i have not gotten around to buying it either, but i plan to.

Q: Being a BBS Regular what is your take on the Forum Moderators?

A: I'm very neutral about them. I don't know any personally, and i don't have any grudges against them either.

Q: Would you like to be a Forum Moderator? Whatever your answer is could you please explain?

A: I guess i would like being one. It's not my priority to become one though and never was. I just think it would be convenient to be able to lock or delete a thread instead of waiting for one to come around, or in some cases reporting a user to one when they haven't been noticed yet. I just like the idea of being able to do things without having to run around to other people.

Q: What do you like about Newgrounds?

A: The movies, the songs, the forums(most of the time), and I like the community. Folks here can be vulgar, but at most other communities I have had to deal with prudes, very big, serious, unforgiving prudes.

Q: As a BBS Regular myself I can say that I have made my fair share of friends here over time. Have you made friends here as well and if so then could you tell us who they are and how you became friends?

A: Normally i do reach some level of popularity when i become frequent at something, ironically here I'm not very recognized or notable, but i like it that way. I don't have many friends on NG and normally I become friendly with a user when they are about to move on from NG. I remember a few guys that have not been on in years that i talked to every other day when they used to be around. Right now I'm probably closest to a user who has quite a few alias today. I met him when he went by the name supermariobross, he's much younger than me but i think he is a very bright kid. I've always been a bit of an underachiever so i like chatting with him because i feel like he is very much my polar opposite.

Q: One of your more interesting threads is entitled This whole bigger man BS.. Why did you create this thread and share this thought?

A: "The bigger man" argument was something I remember hearing a lot about. I never really agreed with it. I never really took the time to sit down and think why until the day i made that thread, well I did about it but never clear enough to find the right words about it. So i eventually did find those words i wanted to use, and i wanted to see if i could back them up. I feel like i did a pretty decent job getting my point across, I could go on about it forever though.

Q: If you could change anything on Newgrounds what would it be?

A: I'd add an edit button for post.

Q: What can we expect from The777Demon in the future?

A: Nothing, I've never did a good job at living up to expectations. "Don't have any expectations, and you will never be disappointed" is a phrase i am very fond of.

Regulars have been interviewed here before. They include Elios, Gagsy, and Twilight. Although all of them have done other interesting things, The777Demon seems to be the average everyday user, but there is something more to him than meets the eye. If you see him on the forum, give him a shout out or a hello PM. You might be surprised.



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