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Interview with Bees

Posted by TheInterviewer - September 12th, 2010



Interview No. 32

Interview By: @Ryanson

On Newgrounds, there are several things that should come to mind when I say "Twilight." Yes, one of them is that Disney series with the sparkly fairies and the mutts and the emo girls or something stupid like that. But the other one, the one that's more relevant to Newgrounds, is a user NAMED @Twilight.

Yeah. Him.

In his short time here, he's already made quite a reputation. If you think the Newgrounds community is divided over such trivial things like the Clock Crew or the Mods, you've never been to the BBS. Every other thread will have someone mention his name; some users will without hesitation say that they have his address and that they're going to go to his house and kill him, while others will gladly hold their glasses up and drink a toast to him as he is one of their great friends.

No matter what side of the fence you're on, Twilight is an interesting character worthy of discussion. Thankfully, he took some time out of his busy schedule (he's back in school :O) to sit down and talk with me a bit (okay, so we PM'd each other. It's not like it makes us gay. The fact that we spooned afterwords does :3).

Q: Hey there. How is it over there in... wherever you live?

A: Hot and cold. It was really cold yesterday and really hot today.

Q: So for those who may not know who you are, who are you? What do you do? What are you known for?

A: Twilight from Newgrounds, lol. I make art, line art for whoever wants to color, menu art for anyone who asks, but I'm pretty much known for being a dick, specifically a needledick.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the artwork that you do.

A: Well I'm not very good but I try to get help from a lot of people. Right now I'm doing art for a game, I did art for one of 14hourlunchbreak's games (Just one BG), I make line art for Gumby when he asks for it, and I just draw when I feel like it. I have a few hundred unfinished projects lying around everywhere.

Q: What first hooked you in to Newgrounds?

A: Mushroom Madness, and a few other mario sprite flashes back in 2002.

Q: What kept you here? It couldn't have been all the cock jokes and hentai... or could it?

A: I don't really know. After I got out of my mario phase I didn't come back to Newgrounds until 2006, and then I left again and came back in 2007 just in time for the redesign. The only reason I signed up was to post the stats of my Zombie Guide :D

Q: Your name is "Twilight." Are you named after the Twilight Saga, or something else?

A: Ah, this question. So inevitable. The story is, back in 200...7? 2007. Christmas of 07 I got an Xbox 360. And you know how they used to tell you to make an account or some shit, I made it Twilight95. Back in 07 I was into Twilight Zone, but I didn't want to be TwilightZone95 for some reason.

I didn't find out about the Twilight saga until September 2008, I was listening to the radio in the morning walking to school, and the guys and girls on Z100 are talking about this guy named Edward. And then they said Harry Potter, so I just figured it was some new Harry Potter movie. But over the course of September I learned all about it through hate threads.

Q: My word. So... like. You may be one of the most... "controversial" users in recent times. Opinions about you are even more divisive than those of the Clock Crew, with people saying that they respect you or that they want to punch you in the face. How do you take all of this? How does one respond, even over the Internet?

A: Well. I don't know. I know why certain people don't like me, why certain people are telling others that they have my address and are coming to kick my ass. I just don't do anything about it but provoke them more. The people that do respect me usually surprise me, I thought YOU hated me for some reason. I probably got you confused with ZOMGALIENS. But usually if it's not old regs that I've talked to that "respect" me, it's the new users that like that I'm a dick to people.

I don't like being respected for being a dick but it helps to have people that don't hate you I guess.

Q: So... WHY do people dislike you, or despise you?

A: I've heard I'm arrogant, a dick, a jerk, a troll. I just like having fun and sometimes that hurts people's feelings. Oh well, lol.

Q: When did it first become apparent that, "Hey, all of these people hate me" for you?

A: Uh the year I won I won the Biggest Attention Whore award, because the year before that I was running for Rookie of the Year. It was so weird I didn't know a lot of people hated me.

Q: Do you do some of your "trolling" (if it can even be called that) on purpose?

A: Rarely on Newgrounds. Always in Stickam, but on Newgrounds I guess the way I type at people makes me a troll. Scarface thinks I'm a troll. He's a little retard.

Q: You come off as someone who's much older than they actually are. Have you ever used this advantage ever?

A: Not really. Pretty much everyone knows my age through other people, and when you ask I'll say I'm 14. My userpage is just weird I change it all the time.

Q: What threads have you started that you're particularly proud of?

A: The Roast of Luis was a pretty funny thread, and my 6k thread.

Q: Any posts that you're proud of?

A: Definitely my 10k and my 6k. Two best posts I've ever made.

Q: You're also known for liking the band "Queens of the Stone Age." How long have you liked them? Any song recommendations?

A: YES. I didn't fully get into QOTSA until June, but I've liked them for over a year. I just kept listening to the same songs one day and was like "Hey, I wonder if they have other shit" I discovered all of their albums and holy shit I have never looked back. The band itself got me into other bands like Eagles of Death Metal, Wolfmother, Desert Sessions, The Distillers, and Them Crooked Vultures.

Q: Song recommendations, hmm. How about some from each album.

A: "Avon" and "Regular John" from Queens of the Stone Age

"Born to Hula" from Rated R

"First it Giveth" and "A Song for the Deaf" from Songs for the Deaf

"Medication" and "The Blood is Love" from Lullabies to Paralyze

"River in the Road" and "Run, Pig, Run" from Era Vulgaris.

I know that's a lot but once you get into these songs you really want to hear more from the albums.

Q: What's on your iPod right now?

A: Playing? "Mammoth" by Interpol.

Q: Is it true that most people believe you're the exact opposite race that you really are?

A: Yes. So true. People think I'm black, mexican, german, italian. People think I'm from Europe and Canada and California. Just random shit pops into people's heads.

Q: For some reason, I see people think similarly of you as they do Gagsy, someone else famous on the BBS for what she posts. Your opinion on this?

A: Oh no, I love Gagsy and all but I could never be like her. Ever. She's a moralfag, she'll tell you that, and I don't care for morals. She's a pretty swell person to everyone and I'm swell to few. She's not as hostile as I and I'm not as depressing as she is. Gagsy is someone I really respect, but it'd be pretty insulting to tell her she's similar to me. At least I think so. She's a better person than me.

Maybe cause we post a lot.

Q: As a regular on the BBS, do you think you'd like to me a Forum Mod?

A: Hell no. The BBS is horrible, I would not voluntarily waste my time banning little cunts and locking topics and other boring shit like that. I want to be an Audio mod, since there are so few and it's more productive.

Q: Do you think you'd make a great Mod?

A: As an Audio mod, yeah.

Q: What would you change about Newgrounds, if you could?

A: I would make the medal part on your page removable. It's really annoying trying to find a place to put it if you don't want it there.

Q: Any friends you wanna shout out to on NG?

A: MadiiMonsterr, Malachy, Archawn, ThePortalGuru, Mamatequila, GoryBlizzard and TehSlapHappy B]

Q: I don't want to start anything between anyone... but anyone on Newgrounds you hate as much as they hate you?

A: Nah I like everyone. I just treat people like shit because it's funny to me.

Q: What do you think best describes you or defines you as a NG user? Yes, I'm being vague.

A: lol. Hmm, I think uh, my newsposts do. I say a lot and most of them are the truth.

Q: Favorite movies?

A: Laserblast, The Chumscrubber, Miss March.

Q: Will the world end in 2012?

A: I hope not. That'd be so lame to make me die before I finish High School.

Q: What person, persons, or event (outside of Newgrounds) would you be relieved to never hear about again?

A: 2012

Q: Lastly, what's with this thread? Could you maybe explain a bit? Backstory, etc?


Alright it's November 11th, and me and EJR are bored and talking on MSN. I told him (his posts were wiped after this thread) "Hey, I'm gonna make a thread but I don't want you to read it, just post "needledick" as soon as I link you, k?" He agreed and that's what happened. It was just for Malachy to lock like I knew he would, but then other mods started unlocking it and even Wade posted in it. It was fucking hilarious at the time, Rig was offering to unlock the thread so other people could post it.

Pretty much everyone who got to post in the thread was in on it and knew it was a 1 time deal, but the rest of the BBS ruined it by trying to harass me with it. It got p lame after maybe 2 days.

So yeah, it was planned and junk.

Q: Last question. Are there any secrets you want to tell me? C'mon -- you know you want to.

A: I'm actually one of the few people that doesn't fully hate Malachy. He's really cool sometimes and a dick others but I like both sides of him.

Q: Alright. So, any last words before we finish this?

A: I'll be sure to whore myself out twice as much. I want people to read this interview. Word.




Fuck that guy.


That was neat and humorous.

Also, I'm Twilight's #1 fan.

That was the single most beautiful interview I've ever read in my lifetime.

Twilight is a p. swell guy.


Interview wasim next.

Oh shit, wrong mushroom madness?!?!

I see you're interviewing fairly insignificant people now.


I don't fucking get it why GoryBlizzard has respect for this douchebag.
Calling others douchebags makes you a douchebag I know.

But this guy IS a douchebag.

Nah. We only interview funny insignificant people, not unfunny hacks.


So now I'm a hack wtf

Just kidding lol you know I love you baby.

I'm allowed to respect and love whoever I want, Falonefal. Twilight has more respect from me than say, about 90% or more of the current NG populace for a number of reasons--reasons that you won't be able to comprehend because you haven't been around for long enough yet.


Malachy does indeed say needledick