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Interview with Hania

Posted by TheInterviewer - July 9th, 2010


Interview No. 28

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest I have interviewed in the past with her husband James. Now I wish to interview just her. About her works. She has received the Newgrounds Tank Award for Best Musician and shares a Newgrounds Tank Award with her husband James for the flash movie Tarboy which has hit the Newgrounds Triple Crown, winning the Daily Feature, Weekly 1st Place, and Review Crew Pick awards. She is a talented singer, once underrated when I last interviewed her, now a popular audio artist, she is @Hania.

Q: Your first song here on Newgrounds would be entitled Breathe - hania. Certainly a beautiful song that you have given us here. It has even been used for the flash movie entitled Breathe... by beware1. Looking back on this song, are you still proud of it today and what is your opinion on the flash?

A: I think the flash movie is very touching. The song was created within about an hour (it was completely improvised in one take - with harmonies being worked out afterwards) so the meaning wasn't too fleshed out in my mind. Seeing how beware1 interpreted the song with visuals was really exciting for me, especially because I had just joined NG and really wanted to start contributing whatever I could to Flash animators. Of course I'm still proud of the song :)

Q: Softly I Sing I personally believe to be your best song out of all of them. You state that it is a lullaby, but the way the song is written and the emotion you put into it, I sense there is more to this song than just a mere random lullaby. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

A: I created it for a girlfriend who was about to have a baby - when I composed the song, I was going through a lot of dark 'stuff' in my life and I guess that emotion showed through. Glad you like the song ;)

Q: ~Burden~ tells of a fascinating little story, seems to be a dark poem to me. The question is though, the inspiration and process, in other words how did you come up with this song?

A: I created this song at James Lee's house one night when we were first becoming friends. I wanted to show him how I compose and so I just started fiddling on the keyboard and singing random thoughts... when I went home, I continued with it and bada-bing-bada-boom, out came Burden.

Q: In the past I stated that my favorite song by you is ~Silver Memory~. You told me that it would be a flash series. Are we to assume that the songs ~I Want My Life Back~, ~The Girl From Memory Planet~, and Our Invaders will be part of this flash series as well? And if yes then what will the story be about or do the songs pretty much sum it up?

A: It started off as a Flash Series and has grown into a feature length film about worlds eating worlds - politics, war and all things gore. I'm currently writing a book about it, but keep getting distracted. The songs (there are many more than what you see on NGAP) help me flesh out the storyline - James is now on board and helping with the design of it all. It shall be epic - once all these other projects we're working on are completed. :)

Q: You are no stranger to controversial songs. In fact you have three. Necro, Suicide, and Hypnotize X-rated. I have a question... what the fuck was going through your mind when you wrote these? I'm afraid to ask of the inspiration. You made these sick, depressing, and just down right crude subject matters and turned them into fun, bouncy, and happy songs. The process that went into making these songs?

A: There are 4. Ballgina Safari has seemed to turn a few heads in the 'WTF' direction. Heh.

Necro - created while I was alone at home, listening to what I thought was a half-squished rat trying to escape the trap that James and I had set earlier that day. (hence the line about 'rat poison' in the song). I guess I was just thinking about the dieing rat and while my brain was on the topic, I had a thought about sex (as any normal person does throughout the day) and that was how the song came to be.

Suicide - written while I was a lot younger, I blame that one on teen angst + my personality = fun song about suicide. I don't take things too seriously hey.

Hypnotize X-rated - I had just come out of a phase where I was writing really pretty sounding songs, so I needed a jolty change from it all. As the song says "it's meant to be stupid..." :)

Ballgina Safari - I have a friend that introduced me to the world of ballgina's - supposedly they're called man-cameltoes(?) but I think they're deserving of their own unique name. So I made a song about it to try and raise ballgina awareness. I guess it's working... haha

Q: In the past I interviewed Bosa about the song The Love of Marion. i asked him what the lyrics meant and he replied...

"I don't know what the lyrics mean, as I didn't write them. Hania Lee was in charge of that department, so she would know."

Now I know, you've already told me about this, but we would all like to know this if you would. Also how was it working with Bosa and do you plan on working with others in the future?

A: The lyrics are pure jibberish. It was a heap of fun working with Bosa! We clicked well and it worked. Nice and simple really. I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to collab. And yes, I'd be keen to work with who ever needs me in future. It's really a matter of how much time I have at that particular moment. My rule is that if there is a deadline, that project gets priority. If there is no deadline, then it will be done at some point - after the deadline stuff is complete.

Q: WGJ4K Theme Song (a.k.a. Wacky Game Jokes 4 Kids Theme Song) is an interesting theme song. How did you come about making this song?

A: HotDiggedyDemon emailed me asking for a theme song (with a game feel). I created a backing track based on what he wanted (it's sometimes used in the end credits) then for the lyrics, he gave me a brief description of what the show was about and I basically took his words, re-arranged a few of them and it was done.

Q: 2009 would be the year you would win a Tank Trophy for Best Audio Artist and you and James would both share a Tank Trophy as well as hitting the Newgrounds Triple Crown of Daily Feature, Weekly 1st Place, and Review Crew Pick awards for the flash animation Tarboy. There is a lot to be said here and I'm just dying to hear all of it. What was the process this flash movie when through and did you enjoy making it?

A: Tarboy was an amazing experience. Creating the music for Tarboy was a dream come true. I knew what James wanted to say in the film as we had discussed the story so many times, so I could really express it through music - which he then took and created visuals for.

We worked so closely together on this, I truly think that Tarboy was one of the major reasons we are now married! Winning the tanks was an incredible honour for us both. Lucky we were sitting while the awards were going or I think we may have fallen over. It was actually really funny because firstly, Tom pronounced my name a bit strange (haha) and secondly, the awards slideshow thingy had mixed itself up so when he read out 'Musician of the Year' and the wrong name came up on screen with his pronunciation of my name - I looked at James and said "who?" - I turned to the monitor and saw my name flash up on screen and yeah, it made sense then. haha.

It's a fantastic feeling to see all the reviews and comments about Tarboy not only on Newgrounds, but all over the place! We have always had big plans for Tarboy and seeing how much support is has received, is a huge boost for us. This is a good place to say 'Thanks!!!!!' to all the donations people have been putting our way for the Tarboy Soundtrack. I released it (and the bonus tracks) as a free download with the option to donate, and a decent amount of people have put forth what they thought the music is worth to them. I really appreciate it!

Q: When I last interviewed both you and James, you stated that you were both working on a flash called "Purged." The question now is, when will we get that flash movie or is it a game?

A: Purged is a short film that James and I completed prior to Tarboy. It will be out sometime this year.

Q: What can we expect from Hania in the near future?

A: A sexy song created for Alice is Dead 3 is completed - I'll release the song when the game is uploaded. :)

CurtiSmith is uploading his film 'Open Fire' - so you'll hear my music in that.

Purged will be uploaded within the year.

There are a lot of collabs in the pipeline and I'm also trying to complete a bunch of solo projects to put up onto Newgrounds.

I'm also working on a Christmas Album!

Once an underrated singer through the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Now she is shunned by some as being overrated due to Tarboy. If you ask me, nothing about her has changed, she has more fans which I think is wonderful for her. I have said this about other artists, but she has been given a gift and we are privileged that she has decided to share it with us.



lol, i'm surprised that you arent trying to interview the only person thats trying to stop people from trolling (which is me btw)... but it was interesting

Hania Lee is by far, my favorite artist on Newgrounds (seriously, no one else even compares)
she's not only my favorite musician on Newgrounds, but one of my favorites of all time <3