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Interview with Jack Bromhead

Posted by TheInterviewer - March 2nd, 2010


Interview No. 20

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is one who has given Newgrounds a variety of many different flash movies. He is known for his creations of Vending Machines, Bullying, and Fisherman?. He is Jack Bromhead a.k.a. @Neo-uk.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: Back in 2002, when I was about 13 / 14, one of my friends told me about this awesome flash animation called 'Xiao Xiao' on a place called 'Newgrounds'. When I got home, I loaded NG up and had a look and my imagination was just blown away. So I joined just to look at some cool animations. Around the same sort of time, my brother came home with a copy of Flash that he got to help him make a website or something, not too sure. But he gave it to me and told me to have a go. I did, and it just opened all kinds of doors in my imagination, and when I saw that you could upload your own "attempts" on NG, I did it!

Q: Your first flash submission is entitled Animal Antics. What was the process in creating this flash movie and are you still proud of it to this day?

A: Well, Animal Antics was the first of my submissions that didn't get blammed ;). I mostly animated stick movies in the beginning, but terrible, terrible atrocities that shouldn't be viewed by anyone. I saw Adam Phillip's HitchHiker films and the start of his Brackenwood series and that inspired me to try harder and not just settle for bad stick films.

So I thought "why not attempt a Creature Comforts style animation?", so I grabbed a microphone and recorded whatever was on the tv at the time, and challenged myself to animate to it.

I'm not one whose too precious over his work, and I'm really not a fan of Animal Antics, but it was an important lesson, which has helped me improve my work, so I guess I can't have too many hard feelings towards it.

Q: Your next few flash movies would address certain problems some people may be faced with they are Stupid Exams, Annoying Kid, and Vending Machines. I have interviewed SardonicSamurai in the past and he stated that some of his flash is based through venting his anger or opinion. Would you say the same about these three flash movies? Whatever your answer please tell us why.

A: Haha! Good question. I would love to say that I was displaying my opinions or venting my anger through flash, but it's really not as deep as that for me. Unfortunately. For example, vending machines, I found that classical bit of music and then the idea popped into my head! With Annoying Kid, I decided to draw a background only using orange and blue... then a ginger kid. But I suppose Stupid Exams is the exception in this lot! I was currently retaking my GCSE in maths (because I'm clever like that..............) And it was annoying me more than anything, because my maths lessons were always put straight after a good lesson like Graphics, or Resistant Materials (woodwork).

Q: Bullying would be the flash to garner your first award, a Daily 5th Place. Where did the idea for this flash come from and what is your feeling of winning an award for it?

A: Bullying was an animation I did for my Graphic Design AS-Level in College. Being a graphic design course, we had to produce something that had some sort of message or meaning or something like that, and we were allowed to animate something. So then Bullying was made. The angle of the bully looking down on the little kid was also one of the reasons I managed to get on to a degree course at uni. So it was a pretty useful animation!

To be honest, I was over the moon that I got an award for it. It meant a lot, not only because it was an NG award, but also because it was showing me that people liked my stuff, and that I was definitely getting better. Good times!

Q: Swiss Goat is certainly a funny flash. My question is how did you come about this idea and what was the process in creating this flash?

A: Swiss Goat was an interesting animation! For my media coursework at college, I had made a live action film, but about a week from hand-in, I had to scrap it because the original film was way too dark and wank and none of the 'actors' were free again for a re-shoot and I couldn't book out the film equipment again, so I quickly whipped out this animation in time, hoping it would be better than 3 minutes of darkness. It got quick a good reception and saved my arse, for sure, which is why I have good memories of this one!

The idea for it though, really just came about because I loved that bit of music. I listened to it and then this idea sort of just developed outwards. Was a bit contrasting to have like a Swiss mountain range and stuff, set to Greek music, but it managed to do its job. Thankfully.

Q: The last two flash movies I want to know about are the Pelican flash movies. Pelican!? - Kitchen and Pelican!? - Space Walk. These two are hilarious flash movies. Where did this idea come from and will we be seing more Pelican in the future?

A: Well, summer last year, I graduated from university, and to this day, I just cannot for the life of me get a job in Animation or Illustration or anything like that, which is really frustrating, and really disheartened me in animating any more. So I went through a massive dry patch, where I didn't animate anything. I tried writing and illustrating a children's book but soon just lost the enthusiasm and it was a really frustrating time!

I feel I'm driven by inspirational things (e.g. music, sights, experiences etc.) and I was just getting nothing new to feed off. So I went off to Canada for 10 days on my own, to 1. meet with some studios there to look for work and 2. Just have an adventure. I didn't get a job, but I did get chased by a wolf in the forest... And I think that lightened me up quite a lot and got me back into the mindset of doing something creative. I got back and started designing things and drawing and got me back into the world of animating and illustration. I had a drunken dream one night in Canada, (after getting free drinks in a bar for no particular reason!) about a pelican, and it got me thinking... A series about a pelican ruining everything. Sounded good, so I started on it!

You'll definately be seeing some more pelicans! I got a few pelican movies on the go atm, and I'm sure they'll be uploaded soon.

Q: All comedy writers should be noted for their works. Each one writes differently. How would you describe your style of comedy writing as well as the inspiration you have gained for your writings?

A: I feel honoured to be under the bracket of a comedy writer. The vast majority of the reasons why my animations are in the comedy genre, are because I can't animate well enough for doing serious subjects!

I usually find that the comedy in my animations boils down to either a dick joke, or just the unexpected... Or bleeped swearing. It's the sort of stuff I like to see, and it's short and sweet, and doesn't drag on long enough for me to get frustrated at animating it.

Q: As an artist, what would you say is important for new artists to take note of when trying to make a funny cartoon?

A: Just make sure you find it funny, and push yourself, but don't overshoot! A difficult concept to get, but if you try stuff thats too advanced, it runs the risk off failing and being a blow to your confidence, but at the same time push yourself and don't stay on just one level all the time. Try new things and then work on them, and develop at a steady pace! And remember, if even just one person likes it, then you've done a good job.

Q: What can we expect from Jack Bromhead in the future?

A: Well, certainly more pelican movies! But other than that I'm working on a flash game about 1066... A crazy time in English history that holds so many inspirational stories! But the learning curve is pretty harsh... mainly for the coding side of things, so it may be a while before we see that! Other than that, just some more pelicans!!!!!

An immature animator, or comedic genius? It's hard to categorize Jack Bromhead somewhere at the moment. He is a very good animator as well as a great comedic writer. Where his animations will take him in the future is yet to be seen. I see the future being every so bright for him.



Thanks for interviewing this guy. I'd never heard of him before, and he seems pretty good.