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Interview with Oney

Posted by TheInterviewer - November 11th, 2009


Interview No. 16

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is known throughout the flash portal, audio portal, and art portal. He is known for Scotty and Pete, The Assumption Song, and Chris & Harry which he hit the triple crown with. He is none other than Chris O'Neill also known on Newgrounds as @Oney.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: A guy called Paul Keating, who was a good friend at the time used to always be sending me shit like Retarded Animal Babies over MSN, and we'd shit our pants laughing at it. I've always been aware of NG. I love animating, and NG is and always has been the easiest site to submit any content to. It's the shit.

Q: Your first flash submission to Newgrounds was entitled HALO-Combat Erected! V1.1. What is the story behind your first creation.

A: Liked Halo at the time. Figured why not make a toon of it. When I finished making it I remembered NG and decided to see how it'd do on it. It unsuprisingly did shit, but I still thought NG was still a great place to show your work. Took me like a week or 2 to make, I knew no-one on NG at the time so there's no voices. I really hate that piece of shit!

Q: One of your best flash submission in my opinion has to be Weird Al's Best. It won a Daily Feature and Weekly 4th Place. On the preloader screen you already stated a good bit, but I think there's more to it than what you've said there. Why did it take so long for this flash to come out?

A: Literally because I'm a lazy bastard. If I get bored it could take weeks before I get back into sitting down for hours on end. Animating is hard work and I really have to be in the mood for it. Plus that toon was a fucking prick to make, specially back then when I was working with a mouse! Yeah, that's that anyways.

Q: The next flash I want you to tell us about is Scotty and Pete. Quite the interesting start for a series, but we haven't seen any episodes after that. What can you tell us about Scotty and Pete and where will it be in the future?

A: Me and that Paul Keating guy recorded the lines one night, making it up as we went along. I really liked it but Paul's gone to college since so I never see him. So that series is down the crapper.

Q: Spongebob Sickpants. What was going through your mind when you created this?

A: I heard Spongebob was supposed to become an adult toon at one stage. It didn't. I was pissed off cos I wanted to see Spongebob do some fucked up shit. I had just gotten my Wacom at the time and I really wanted to try it out. It was kinda practise to get used to the tablet. I loved fucked up shit, I figured why not make some fucked up shit of my own.

Q: You hit the triple crown winning a Daily Feature, Weekly 1st Place, and the Review Crew Pick awards when you created Chris & Harry. HappyHarry has already given us his side of this flash. What story can you tell us?

A: Basically, I made it as far as the part where the moon blows up and sent it over MSN to harry for fun. Then I kept adding on everyday and just had some fun with it. Harry kept egged me on to finish it whenever I deserted it so you can thank that british fuck for it's completion.

Q: In the flash game SHIFT 4 you provided the music. We'll get to your audio portal submissions, but I want to know how you were chosen to do the music for this game. I also want to know the process and steps you went through to make the music for the game.

A: WELL I wasn't actually chosen. I met the Shift's creater The-EXP at the London Meet in 2008, and he PMed me on NG ages later asking me to use my song as the main theme for the game. I loved shift and I was glad he asked me! He also has the biggest dick I've ever seen.

Q: Your first audio portal submission is entitled Music to kill Dragons to. It certainly is a great Classical Loop. What did you use to create this track and what was the process you used to create it?

A: I used Reason 3.0 for that one. I basically tried out all the inbuilt samples and picked out my favourite ones. It was my first time making music, and boy does it certainly show.

Q: One of my favorites by you has to be Go, Go Power Rangers! Epic. It certainly is a great remix. I want to know your story of why did you make this remix and how did you go about making it?

A: I fucking loved Power Rangers when I was a little kid, I watched that shit constantly. I think that theme tune is the best theme song ever made so I felt like messing with it. Also made that one in Reason 3.0.

Q: We now come to two remixes one entitled King Dedede - Mix and King Dedede - Heavy Mix. Both of these remixes are good, but why did you remix the same song twice? Also which one do you prefer?

A: I made those for my lil pal Paperbat. He's making a game and he asked me could I remix that song for his game. The first one is the main theme, the second is heavier because that part of the game becomes more frantic. I like the heavier one better cos it has church organs, and boy howdy do I love church organs.

Q: Although you were never big in the art forum. That doesn't stop you from submitting stuff to the Art Portal. How do you come up with ideas for artwork and animations? For every original character you've created what is the process that goes behind it all?

A: I dunno really, I don't sit down and try thinking of characters or storyline, that dosent usually work for me. Shit just comes to me at random times. Everytime I do get an idea I convince myself it's shit and drop it. I've started so many projects and deserted em. As for character design, I just keep drawing until I get what I want.

Q: What can we expect from Oney within the future?

A: I'm working on a game with the talented young programmer, Josilver. The game's kinda top secret at the moment, but it's pretty different and I hope NG loves it. Apart from that, I have no idea what's in store for the future. Maybe something that's not shit.

Oney is certainly a bright individual. He has covered all his bases from art, animation, and music. He is a rare case we see in most artists, but at the same time we tend to see as well. If you don't know who Oney is then chances are you watched one of his flash movies and had no idea that you did.



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