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Interview with Elios

Posted by TheInterviewer - May 19th, 2009


Interview No. 8

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is known more around the Newgrounds BBS Forums that anywhere else. He's a face many people know and the name hardly anybody forgets. He has become user of the day and has made over 20 threads on the BBS. He is none other than @Elios.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: Well, i first discovered this place back in 2002-3 when Madness Combat came out, and it was featured at ugo.com. At first, Newgrounds seemed like "Just another one of those flash game sites", so i didn't really bother to fully explore it. Until i heard about a fancy new redesign from a friend, so i came back, and i liked what i saw, so i joined.

Q: Quite possibly your most famous thread on Newgrounds was the thread titled Photo Op me! Where did the idea come from with this thread and what was the experience feel like doing it?

A: I got a digital camera for christmas (I still don't know why, i didn't even ask for one). And i was toying around with it, taking pictures of various things, when the idea of "Have people tell me what to do, and i'll post it!" Came into my head. Instead of the ever popular "Photoshop me" thread theme, i took a different road with this one. At first, i thought it would be fun, taking a few pics of myself, doing a few silly things. Little did i realize how extreme and risque this thread would become!

After a few pages, and seveal hundred PMs of "Do this! Wait...do THIS!", my only options seemed to be, bail, and look like a fool, or keep going, and look like an attention whore. I figured, hey, if they like it, keep going, no shame. I even made a meme out of myself for doing a well placed facepalm.

Q: One thing you've started on Newgrounds is The Newgrounds Tank Wall Project. Where is the inspiration for this project and what is the experience like in doing it?

A: The one thing i've learned from this site, is that everyone that is part of this community, wants to do something great. That one big project that everyone says "Wow! That certainly is impressive!", and it's not necessarily for the attention or fame, but that feeling of achievement. Again, i never really realized how large this project would get. I started with the tank, and i though "Hey i'll throw a few names on the wall around it for some friends". But then the ideas just kept flowing, and now i have over 210 unique users (and their names) involved in this project!

Q: Would you like to be a Newgrounds Forum Moderator? Whatever your answer could you explain?

A: Ya know, i run hot and cold with thinking about being a moderator. Sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. At first i think, yeah, i could help out a little, especially at 4 am when no one else is around. But then i think, i REALLY don't have the time to be a truly effective mod. I'd show up, lock ban lock ban lock, bye guys! It take a heart of stone, and an empty calendar to be a true mod.

Q: Your first flash submission on Newgrounds was called Welcome to Newgrounds! This flash basically welcomed new users by giving them proper information. Why did you make this and would you want to recreate it?

A: I made that project because, after several months of being on the BBS, and seeing WAY too many threads that the FAQs can answer, i decided to make a simplistic mspaint + windows movie maker + flash converter film, that basically explains how Newgrounds works. Similar submissions, were all like, lists of stuff, and click buttons, i wanted to make something unique, and rather humorous. So i drew a bunch of stick figures, downloaded a few pics, and recorded my voice, simple as that. When my flash was popular, i'd say it was pretty effective for answering noob questions.

Q: You started a series on Newgrounds and have yet to pick it back up again. This series is called INKmen. You started the series with INKmen: "username". Where did this idea come from and why haven't you continued it?

A: Ahh yes...i do long to continue my series. I first started with the same technique as my first one, mspaint and windows MM, but the barrage of PMs and comments of "Dude! GET FLASH!". So i found a free copy of flash, and tried some REAL animating! Man, i still don't know how the professionals do it, i managed to make a circle move from one side of the screen to the other. Yay me! I still have all my comedic sketches written and saved somewhere. And I'd love to bring my ideas to life someday, but i have some learning to do first about proper animating.

Q: One project which you have considered your biggest project is that called Storm of Zehir. Where did the idea come from? Will it be on Newgrounds? What information can you tell us about this?

A: Well, this one is quite complicated, but i can explain it easily. I own a series of PC games called "Neverwinter Nights". Within this game, is a program called the Toolset, which allows you to make your own games and adventures. This is the same program that the creators of the game used to develope to official game campaign. Now over the past 6 years, i created my own campaign entitled "The 12 Towers". It would take WAY to long to explain in depth what it is, so anyone can PM me for details on it. Anyway, i've been seriously working on this project for a little over 2 years now. This will be a fully online multiplayer game, and 100% original content. I've made threads in the past, asking for ideas from the Newgrounds community, and they've been a real big help! I still have a while to go on this project, but the building process is fun!

Q: On Newgrounds we have a married couple who make flash movies together. They are James Lee and Hania. Will you and TwistedLittleMe ever work on something together?

A: Perhaps in the future. If she's a better animator than i am, then maybe we'll see INKmen sooner in the portal!

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: Honestly, i'm not really sure! I'll still be around for a while, maybe i'll start another Newgrounds related project or two. But for now, i'll get my daily XP, and make the general forum laugh!

After interviewing Elios I can honestly say that he is what he is. And what he is, is nothing more than just a plain user. Here to have fun and enjoy the community that is Newgrounds.



Excellent interview, although I think he's being a bit modest on the forum mod part.