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Interview with TheWeebl

Posted by TheInterviewer - April 14th, 2009


Interview No. 5

Interview By: @The-Great-One

When it comes to insanity through art and humor that is not only funny, but can bring a smile to fans face. This person has become known for his original comedy music videos such as kenya, badger ver.1, and Magical Trevor. He is also known for his series Weebl and Bob, On The Moon, and Cat Face. Among many other achievements the person I'm talking about is @TheWeebl.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you stay?

A: Oooh. It was years ago when it was all still the Assassins stuff like Britney's Monster Truck and various punch the cretinous celebrity games. I didn't really frequent the site much for ages until I really started making cartoons and games myself. I stayed because it's cool to see what other people are up to. I'm getting more into it as time goes on as well.

Q: Your first flash which would turn to a series that is still going today was weebl and bob: wee-lo. Where did this idea come from and how did it spawn into a regular Newgrounds series?

A: Weebl and Bob were just something I started when I was bored one day. The idea was to see how simple I could make an animation and still keep it interesting. There's actually hundreds of episodes on my site and the Wee-lo one was made about 2 years into the series. I'm scared to submit the early ones to NG as when I look back on them they are a bit rough. I just submit the ones that work on their own without having to know the full story.

Q: With the work on Weebl and Bob, you have been collaborating with ZekeySpaceyLizard. How does it feel to be working with him?

A: He's alright isn't he. It's difficult handing over animation to someone else as they never make things how you see them in your head, so part of work with him is me trying to relax and let go. Zekey has done some great work on the series and I tend to do very little tweaking to his work now too.

Q: One of your first comedy music videos and one that can be seen on the Audio Portal is badger ver.1. I'm afraid to ask where the fuck did this idea come from?

A: I have no idea at all. It's just one of those things pop into your head. It works though doesn't it? My main regret is that I never should have allowed the badgerbadgerbadger.com site to happen as it seems the host stole it from the chap who ran it to begin with.

Q: Another comedy music video you're known for is Magical Trevor. This flash would go on to making three more episodes. Why the urge to continue Magical Trevor?

A: I really wanted to do a sort of musical with Magical Trevor originally. Take a journey with him as he slowly decends into depression due to being unappreciated for his tricks. It seems people didn't want to see that though and just wanted the happy tunes. That's why I stopped at 4.

Q: One of my favorite series by you has to be On The Moon. Although the storyline is confusing it still makes sense. I feel this is more of an inspiration than a concept. Could you give us your experiences on working on this series?

A: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. On The Moon was a lot trickier to write than I'd expected for a long time but now it's slowly becoming easier as we've gone along. Now we know the characters a bit better and rounded them out. On the animation side of things it's the easiest thing in the World for me since all I have to do is give the script and voices to Peabo and he goes off and does his thing. Peabo is an amazing animator.

Q: Your first time hitting the triple crown here on Newgrounds was with a comedy music video entitled Owls... which certainly was a flash that defined the meaning more than meets the eye. Could you share with us the process of creating this flash?

A: I just make a tune and then animate it. I wish I could expand on this but I just do the thing I do. Generally the music making is the hardest bit since I don't want to repeat myself or get lazy.

Q: Although we will be expecting more in the series, will you be bringing other Newgrounds artists into these series? Perhaps bringing HappyHarry to the On The Moon series?

A: On The Moon is for Peabo. We've got a potential series for Wonchop on the way too. I've had a chat with Happy Harry and love his work but I think he's keener to write his own stuff to be honest. That said he's hopefully going to be doing a guest animation for me when I take a bit of a break for baby arrivals. What would be nice would be someone taking over the animation for Parsley Boobs as I've not stopped working since before Christmas last year and a few weekends off would be nice.

Q: One of your comedy music videos that you offer the song out for free would be Narwhals. Why did you offer the Narwhals Song for free?

A: Truth is; I didn't have the time to turn it into a full length song and I don't want to charge for something that lasts 40 something seconds. I may make a full length version at some point and if my album that's going on iTunes does ok (Hands Over Pastry) then I will finish some of the other tunes I've made.

Q: Besides the regular series you have going, anything new you plan unleashing on us within the future?

A: A computer game review series is on the way soon if all goes well. Should be fun but I think it might need animating in After Effects rather than Flash. We're also planning to make a You Tube game as well. If we can either get the money to make it, or a team of coders (backend DB and PHP stuff communicating with a Flash frontend) then there's a massively multiplayer browser game I'd like to make that ties in heavily to the content on Newgrounds.

TheWeebl is certainly an interesting artist. To me he seems more mainstream than anything else. But he's here on Newgrounds for the same reason as others. He's just here to have fun.



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