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Interview with EyeLovePoozy

Posted by TheInterviewer - February 17th, 2009


Interview No. 2

Interview By: @The-Great-One

The following below is an interview with Newgrounds Forum Moderator @EyeLovePoozy. Although EyeLovePoozy hasn't done much within the flash submission or even the audio submission community he is still a well known face around Newgrounds.


Q: Why did you join Newgrounds?

A: I was fucking around on the internet one day and came across one of Krinkel's Madness flashes and I thought it was awesome. I dug around on the site some and stumbled upon other stuff from artists such as illwillpress and weebl. After a year or so of going to the front page and watching or playing what was there I decided I wanted my votes to count for something so I made an account. The rest is history.


Q: How did you become a Newgrounds Forum Moderator?

A: One day while talking on aim to Wade he said "Read this" and had linked me to a thread in the mod forum. For further details you'd have to ask the rest of the mod team being that they voted me in.

Q: Some people refer to you as the next bigbadron. Would you agree or disagree, and why?

A: That's a good question. I remember when he was around and I've got to say that I don't think I'm anything like him. Sure we have the same type of sense of humor but so do thirty other people I know, haha. I for starters have a full head of hair, don't have a knee jerk reaction to all things 4chan and I have working shift keys.

I constantly read user's posts that say that I'm his replacement, that I'll never compare to him, that I'm way better than him. I pay no mind to any of that shit. Every mod is different and BBR (when he was a mod) and I are no different in that respect. Two completely different people with somewhat similar modding habits.

I am positive that more than three quarters of the people spewing out that nonsense are just repeating what they saw someone else say. They repeat it because they think it makes them look cool or perhaps they feel it makes them seem more like a regular or in the know. It's sort of like a band wagon effect. I see it a lot on the forums.

Q: It seems you are one of the famous Newgrounds Moderators. A Google Search would list a petition to remove your modship and another petition to make you a Newgrounds Administrator. There is even a Newgrounds Alt Account called "De-Mod-EyeLovePoozy" dedicated to getting rid of you. What is your opinion on these statements?

A: I could not possibly care less. Sometimes I am linked to these petitions and I find them hilarious and so do most of the mod team. Wade and I have had more than a few laughs at it actually. The fact of the matter is that the makers of these limp dicked petitions are butt hurt users that have been banned for breaking the rules, over and over and again in most cases. Mod team mate Dry-Ice said it best in my opinion:

"Online Petitions have never done anything more than show how weak and insignificant someone's cause is."


The "De-Mod-EyeLovePoozy" account belongs to a user named russianfederation, btw. The petition linked in my sig was made by him and I put it there because he was telling me via PM that I better be scared. No amount of reasoning could assure him of my apathy concerning his actions. So I linked it where everyone was sure to see it to prove my point, haha.


Q: Which users do you enjoy seeing or talking to on Newgrounds?

A: Nobody, I truly hate them all. I hate some less than others. Like Gagsy for instance, she gives excellent head. There are also some others that stand out as good users. Such as DingotheDog, he's pretty funny. JackPhantasm is another good poster. Fyndir used to be but cool now he's just gay. Jamoke is an excellent user as well. There are lots of good users but I talk to very few regularly.

Q: Which users do you dislike or avoid talking to on Newgrounds?

A: God... There are so many. About two dozen of them come to mind but I wont list them here being that they are dedicated attention whores and would absolutely cum in their pants seeing me mention their names.


Q: While browsing the forums I was informed by an "EyeLovePoozy Hater" that the other moderators weren't exactly thrilled with you becoming moderator. Was that true? If so, have they changed through the course of time?

A: There were several that were against the idea but as far as I know they have changed their mind or have been demodded. If the team didn't want me to be a mod then I wouldn't be a mod. I would be demodded, it's that simple.

Q: Do you truly enjoy being a Forum Moderator?

A: Absolutely. You have to enjoy it. It's a thankless position and to do it well you have to immerse yourself into a sea of stupidity and weed out the stupid fish that are fucking shit up for the rest of the fish. That entails becoming intimate with the post histories of every active user. Keeping tabs on who said what and when. It's not an easy job but I do it because I love NG and its BBS. The day that I don't love it anymore will be the day I step down as a NG BBS moderator.

Well readers. It is certainly clear that there is more to EyeLovePoozy than what we see and have seen on the Newgrounds Forums.



Wow. Really cool. Makes me want to be a mod...almost.

Nice interview.

That was an insightful interview. I would sat "Interview me!", but I don't feel that I'm all that interesting. Plus, I'm banned from the BBS for 3 days. But, I did attack a site 'cause I wanted to look cool in font of some n00bs.

lol, rant, :/

He's a cool dude if you get to know him. A rare stand up guy who would break some one's shit if they fucked with you

It makes Poozy seem that much more...human...

poozy should die -.-

I've never been banned so I really don't have a reason to hate him, he seems like a pretty cool guy actually.
I think I might like to meet him someday, that'd be interesting.




EyeLovePoozy sonds dum, lik a dum persun.

It really is stupid that someone would want to de-mod him because they were BREAKING RULES AND GOT BANNED... Just shows how stupid people can be.

Especially like the bit about the petition to bring you done, and especially the user Dry-Ice take on it.


Yeah, to me...EyeLovePoozy, albeit vulgar at times, can be a very excellent Forum Mod. He does his job and does it well. I could ask no greater than that for a Forum Mod.

Props to you for taking the time to do the interview!

Good read, thanks for linking to it.

Cool interview.

Great interview Poozy is a good mod but sometimes he locks funny stuff but hey not like I'm going to post there anywhere.

I don't hate EyeLovePoozy, but he acts like quite a dick sometimes, for instance, if he really hated us why would he be on this site? Second, well he is really the type of in your face I am better then the rest of the world type of guy. Although in the end I respect him because his job must be quite hard.

Good read

Poozy should burn in hell he banned me from reviewing flashes for saying right things about shitty flashes fuck him... >:( he also fucks his gay sex partner everyday and he also have a small dick