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Interview with Tom Fulp

Posted by TheInterviewer - February 10th, 2009


Interview No. 1

Interview By: @The-Great-One

The following is an interview with the creator of this beloved website Newgrounds.com. @TomFulp. There weren't many questions I could ask him that weren't already answered in the Bio section of Newgrounds, so my questions are limited. However I think you'll enjoy what answers I received.

Q: Why did you create Newgrounds?

A: Newgrounds happened kinda naturally over the course of time. I originally wanted to just good off and have a place to entertain an audience, but as the site grew in popularity, other people wanted to share their stuff here too.

Q: What decisions did you make for Newgrounds that you have regretted?

A: Sometimes I wonder if I could have done things differently to avoid NG having such a negative association with it. Probably now, though, NG is what it is. I probably could have marketted it better though, since there's a lot more to it than what a lot of people realize.

Q: What decisions did you make for Newgrounds that you're proud of?

A: I'm very proud of the decision to bring Ross on-board in 1999 to program the automated Flash Portal.

Q: Many people have asked for different features such as the NG Chat and Writer's Portal. Do you plan on delivering upon those and other features as well?

A: Chat and Writers' Portal should both become available in 2009! We have a lot of features in the works.

Q: How is Pico 2 coming along?

A: Pico 2 remains in limbo, until I feel ready to put myself into it completely again.

Q: What is the story behind Alien Hominid?

A: Dan Paladin and I were making goofy Flash games together and one day he sent me a drawing of the yellow alien. I was in the mood to make a Metal Slug style game, so we ran with it and made the original web version. The video game company Dan was working for later shut down and one of his co-workers, John Baez, had the idea of forming a new company to make a console version of AH. And here we are with the Behemoth!

Q: Tell me about Castle Crashers?

A: After Alien Hominid, we had a lot of great tools for developing console games and wanted to stretch our wings a bit. We decided to tackle a four player, on-line brawler with RPG elements. Three years later, it was done!

Q: One flash game which is the only one to receive three Newgrounds awards has been League Bowling. What all can you tell me about this game?

A: League Bowling was an underappreciated Neo Geo game that I like playing. I decided to make a Flash version, which required some really obsessive compulsive sprite ripping.

After interviewing Tom Fulp, there really isn't much to him. Just your average joe who decided to make a website to host his creations. He has excelled in the Internet world that only people on YouTube wished they could.




so the chat is coming in 2109? awesome! i'll tell my grandchildren, when i get some. ^___^

nice read, short n sweet.

It will be available in 2009. This year. A slight misread... or a joke from you, either one.

Nice interview

Thank you. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

You should do an interview with PsychGoldfish about the Chat, since I'm pretty sure he's the main guy working on that. I'm pretty sure you forgot a zero though, PG said it was due some time around 20009.

Did you mean to type "Goof" and not "good off"?
Otherwise, great stuff. Im surprised you got any answers from him. This should be made public.

Can't wait for Chat.

I've never heard of Writer's Portal, but it sounds good.

Nice interview, very interesting. :)

Nice interview! I actually learnd something from it :D
Interview more!

Its 2011 and the Chat still coming soon... lol.

"Chat and Writers' Portal should both become available in 2009!"

Tom lied about the Chat and the Writer's Portal coming in 2009. :(
( But, hopefully they will both come out in the next redesign they're talking about. :D )

@Psych said: "( But, hopefully they will both come out in the next redesign they're talking about. :D )"

LMAO. Its never gonna come is it?

So the writers portal should've been up in 2009 huh...