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Lost Ep. 1 - Alvin-Earthworm

Posted by TheInterviewer - October 20th, 2020

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Lost Episode: 8/12/2007

Interviewed By: @The-Great-One


This was the first one. The one that started it all. It is as cringe inducing as you can imagine. Which if you look back to Interview No. 1 with Tom Fulp on The Interviewer page, they are not too different in terms of quality. Everybody has a starting point though. It even brought up one of the more cringeworthy moments of my past here on Newgrounds with this bullshit.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the interview in which I conducted with Alvin-Earthworm through the system of a PM Message. These questions were truthfully asked by myself and the replies are directly from @Alvin-Earthworm himself. If you do not believe me then you can PM him yourself.

Alvin-Earthworm is a grand sprite movie animator winning many awards for his series Super Mario Bros. Z. By working hard during the day and doing Super Mario Bros. Z as a side hobby he has become more successful than ever. This is the interview in which I conducted with him.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Super Mario Bros. Z Series?

A: Well, first and foremost I am very surprised at it's success here on Newgrounds, as well as the huge fanbase it has recieved over the course of the six episodes so far. I hope the fans will stay tuned 'til it's conclusion.

Q: Can we expect another big surprise from the Super Mario Bros. Z Series like in Episode 6?

A: There will be plenty of surprises in store. Naturally I'm gonna keep them to myself. Don't wanna spoil it for you. ;3

Q: When You Finish the Super Mario Bros. Z Series will you get permission from Nintendo and Sega and make a DVD?

A: I seriously doubt it. There is a chance I will have to pay licensing fees if I do consider it, but I'm not exactly made of money.

Q: Do you remember theSPA? Your comments on there were beneficial first, until the sprite haters entered. Do you have anything you wish to tell the sprite haters?

A: There is a lot of things I'd like to tell them, but I'll limit it to one. If you don't like it, Don't watch it

Q: How long does it usually take you to make a sprite movie, not including your daily life chores?

A: With the time and motivation, it would take about a fortnight. But sadly, both are very rare for me.

Q: What inspired you to make Super Mario Bros. Z?

A: I was inspired by other sprite animations here on newgrounds, so I decided to give it a try for the heck of it.

Q: You were once featured in a collab called Beat up Sandbag which won a Daily 2nd Place. What can you tell us about your work on this collab?

A: Nothing much really, I enjoyed working on it and it was a nice diversion from working on SMBZ.

Q: Are you a fan of any other flash artists on Newgrounds?

A: Quite a few. Kirbopher15, Randy Solem, Daniel Sun and LGDVegetto to name my favourites.

Q: After your success on one collab are you willing to make another one?

A: Depends on my time and motivation really. I have a very busy day job that leaves me too tired to even bother working on SMBZ let alone a collab.

Q: Is there anything you wish to tell us about any upcoming works in the near future?

A: All I have planned at the moment is finishing the first saga of SMBZ. If it's still popular by that time, I'll consider working on the SMBZ feature length movie that lies between the other sagas.

This is Interview #1. I have interviewed Alvin-Earthworm. If you would like me to interview somebody else then please inform me by PM System.


This interview wasn't anything spectacular. It was posted on my main page which I felt people didn't care about. Now they do for some reason or another instead of my project pages. It was popular, because Super Mario Bros. Z was on fire on the site. It wasn't really a proper interview, just a fanboy asking fanboy questions. It was though the first.

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