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Interview with semicabbage

Posted by TheInterviewer - July 22nd, 2020


Interview No. 163

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is quite... naughty. Their creations of the male anatomy range from the kinky, passionate, nerdy, beautiful, and sometimes, even all three. Ranging from Warhammer 40k to Final Fantasy to the far back time of the Roman Empire. I am pleased to welcome a most humble garden dweller, @semicabbage.

Q: In your first piece uploaded to the Art Portal entitled wamuu you stated it was a re-upload from a previous account. Was that previous account on Newgrounds or elsewhere? If it was elsewhere, then how did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: When I decided to start a nsfw presence, I went with the name "semisexycabbage", so the image was uploaded to that account. Buuut.. I realized that for other platforms (mostly twitter) might censor the name, so I simplified it down to semicabbage. I basically deleted that account for this one. That's right, this cabbage used to be sexy.

I didn't really need to find newgrounds, I kind of always knew it was there from the earlier days of the internet.. hahah I hope that's not showing my age too much~

Q: At what age did you become interested in art?

A: Oh boy, I've been destroying family books for as long as I can remember. My mom used to show me illegible recipe books I "decorate" as a kid hahaha.

Q: When did you become interested in NSFW art?

A: WELL that's a two part question. Interested in general, my good sir, it's been a while. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Interested in drawing on the other hand, it's actually started last year, when I realized my anatomy is terrible and needed practice. And then one thing led to another, now I have a nsfw account.

Q: When and how did you discover Warhammer 40k and Final Fantasy? What about them appeals to you in your art?

A: I joined a Deathwatch tabletop game which is set in the 40k world. There I learned about the oh-ever-so-kinky- dark eldars. I mean it's hard NOT to draw kinky things when it comes to those guys. Space marines are also just absolute MEALS.

As for Final Fantasy, I only really played FFXIV, which I picked up after Activision Blizzard happened. (Yes for all ya'll in the mmo circle, I'm a wow refugee, please take me home). FFXIV has quite a few handsome NPCs, plus the storyline is excellent, it generates many, many materials. ;D

Q: In the past we spoke to TheShadling, who is known for his NSFW art involving straight and futanari. We also spoke with SenpaiLove about his NSFW art involving straight. You are one of the few here on the site who is drawing nude males and homosexual males. What makes you want to draw NSFW art? Why focus on males?

A: At the end of the day, people who make nsfw art either didn't find what they're looking for, or wants something in a specific way. I started this because I was having a hard time finding what I like (also so I can ship fictional dudes together :D). I focused mostly on niche-ish yaoi stuff cause that's what I enjoy. I started the account mostly for myself and whoever passing by that shares my interests.

Q: In the past we have had artists talk about their art threads on Newgrounds. They all have the common denominator of showing works in progress and getting feedback before moving the final product to the Art Portal. What can you tell us about your art thread NSFW males - art journal?

A: Well, it's pretty much the same as the other artists, I post partial WIP in my journal until the final is done. I also babble about the piece a bit every week. I originally made it for feedback and discussion but, it's eh, it's kinda quite in there. Aw well, talk as if you have an audience, right?

Q: How would you say your anatomy has improved? Is there a difference in drawing the male and female anatomies?

A: I sure hope so! It's what prompted me to start this account afterall~ The biggest difference is that, in a stereotypical male, the person is drawn with more square shapes (square jawline, square shoulders, etc.) While females have softer features. But that's traditional methods, nowadays the biggest difference is where you have your lumps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: In your piece Elf you state that it was for a friend who can't stop (and won't stop) boning elves. Who is this friend? What is the story behind this piece?

A: Hahaha I won't live to see the next sunrise if I gave you a name. BUT, I will say, it's for a long time friend who has been going after all of the elven NPCs in my tabletop game. For years. That kind of dedication deserves something, don't ya agree?

Q: You have stated that you don't draw Furry art with the exclusion of minotaur. Maze features a minotaur. Why this exclusion? Where is the line drawn between what is Furry art and what is Fantasy? What is the difference?

A: Ok, so I have some friends in the furry community, it's kind of a niche you either go into, or stay out of. And since it's not one of my interests, I decided to drop that bit of expectations from my artworks. Minotaurs are.. ehh have kind of a "myth" of its own on the nsfw side of the internet. I find that added trait to be very interesting, and decided to do a piece with one. For me minotaurs kind of falls into the monster category rather than furry, but there is a resemblance, so I added it as an exception just in case. I'm not sure there is a line between furry and fantasy in the general sense, but as far as my list goes. Fantasy means elves, fairies, knights and dragons, rather than fluffy humanoids.

Q: Auction house is a fine piece. You have shown disappointment in your friends for not knowing what is going on. Add me to the list. What is going on?

A: Oh geeez if I knew you were going to poke into so many pieces I would have named them better ahaha.. *ahem* It's supposed to be some kind of sci-fi auction with a vendor displaying the goods for two potential buyers, by manipulating the mask. On the slab you can vaguely read "New arrivals, human, male".

Q: My favorite piece by you has to be Trophy. What inspired you to visit the time of the Romans with this piece? Will we see you revisit Rome again with your work?

A: I absolutely love the Roman aesthetic. And the coliseum, while immoral, is a pretty metal place. I wanted to show that the one raising the glass is a man of power, and what better way than a prime seat at the good ol' murder pits? I'm not sure I will say yes to Rome as a location, but I will definitely be burrowing from their designs!

Q: If someone were to ask me to show them your best work to summarize you, I would definitely say it is Alphy-nooo. It shows male on male, it's kinky, it's funny with the Kama Sutra, and it's fantasy. Using this piece as an example, what is the process that comes from your mind to the sketch and then to the final product?

A: Alphinaud (his full name) is a NPC in FFXIV, who is 18-19 as of the current game timeline. He always acts like a smartass who knows better, and sometimes ends up in messy situations because of it. He also has a knack for summoning, and is always finding new ways to improve his summons. I figure it's a pretty fitting setting for him to end up in. This is one of the first pieces I decided to try a painted colour style on lineart. I liked it so much I'm still practicing it to this day!

Q: Seeing your artwork over time I noticed that the feet are hidden. Whenever I did see feet it appears that this is where you have made the most improvement. I also love the way you draw hands. What advice do you have to give to those struggling to draw certain parts of the body?

A: KEEP DRAWING IT! Draw to references, ideally picture references. Keep drawing until your friends think you have a foot fetish. That advice applies to anything you're trying to improve really. When I first started drawing hands my friend thought I was painting a bag of snake escapees.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: HMM a terrible amalgamation of comic book and manga? Or maybe comic books, in a parallel world, where artists have infinite time to paint all the panels.

Q: What is in your opinion, the definition of art?

A: Please sir, I'm but a humble cabbage, I have no idea how to even begin defining art. My closest guess is that it's the thing your hands make when you're happy.

Q: Will we see animation from you one day? Whatever your answer is, why?

A: I.. would like to, but first I need to find the sanity I lost during art school. IRL I had a chance of going into animation, but I kinda backed out of it, because the idea of drawing the exact same thing with the tiniest variation over and over again drove me nuts.

Q: The more I learn about NSFW artists I find it interesting that their skills in drawing humans and creatures tend to grow faster than others. Would it be wise to suggest other artists give this a try to improve or is it a niche style?

A: I think artists should go through life drawing classes, it's definitely one of the fundamentals! On your own or with school. You don't have to go full nsfw, you can just draw nude models. It only turns into nsfw when you have no self control and you agonize the fact that you've spent too many hours on one piece then get deflated when you lack the courage post it online where your parents and teachers follow you so then you secretly start a nsfw account to hide it all and then it becomes a balancing act-

..ehh sorry, where were we?

Q: What can we expect from semicabbage in the future?

A: More dudes! Doing really gay things! If that gets your pants wiggling, come by and say hi~ :D 

I'm hoping to do topic polls eventually, but for that I need a few more gardeners <3

Some of you reading may have seen an increase in NSFW artists being interviewed. Reason being is I wanted to focus on anatomy. There are tons of art classes that do nude modelling. It is a respectable form of artwork. Why can't we expand on that? semicabbage I came across while interviewing SenpaiLove and going through more NSFW art than you could possibly imagine. semicabbage's style is one I find incredible. I love the detail on the anatomy of the human male (or even elf). The lighting, shadow, and at times humor, are all top notch. This is no ordinary cabbage, it seems to have a lot of passion, and is giving me the eyes.

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