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Interview with Kevin MacLeod

Posted by TheInterviewer - April 21st, 2020



Interview No. 152

Interview By: @The-Great-One

Today's guest is known far and wide to the Internet with his vast archive of songs open for anyone to use for their projects. Over 2,000 and still going to this day his works have been used in submissions ranging from video games, to YouTube, and even here on Newgrounds. I am pleased to welcome Kevin MacLeod.

Q: At what age did you become interested in music?

A: Well, that's fuzzy. I don't remember the first time, but I become interested in music pretty regularly. Just last week, in fact!

Q: You have created over 2,000 pieces of music. Giving away most of your music for use in projects and asking for nothing more than credit. What drives you to constantly put out tune after tune? Also why not ask for money on them?

A: Oh, I do ask for money! You can support me on Patreon. The reason I make things, is I've become convinced that they are needed. This usually takes the form of me watching something with terrible music, and saying "you know what they should have used? THIS!".

Q: You've been making music for over two decades now. What was your initial set-up and how has it grown over time?

A: I started with a MIDI controller, a couple of speakers, a single computer, comfy chair, and good lighting. Many, many iterations later, nothing has changed. I do have 2 monitors now.

Q: What would you recommend to musicians just getting started? What would you recommend to veterans to change their lives?

A: Have fun. It should be fun the whole way. If you're just playing scales, make sure that's fun. Fun all around!

Q: What is in your opinion, the definition of music?

A: The deliberate alteration of emotions through a measured audio medium.

Q: You and I have a fascination with documents. You have available for download, graph paper, calendars, ledgers, etc. Why make a graph paper maker and why do you have a fascination with documents?

A: This was just something that was needed. One day, I needed graph paper. I wrote some software so I could get graph paper. I figured that if I needed it, other people might also need it. I got pretty good at making software to put lines and dots on documents. I've never printed one of my calendars or ledger papers. I think the last time I printed graph paper was the first time I needed it. 20 years ago.

Q: What can we expect from Kevin MacLeod in the future?

A: Got a bigtime podcast that is just starting up! "Compoerish" talks about a lot of composing stuff. I hope it'll even be a useful and fun podcast after the computers take over and do most of the composing for us. You can get the early episodes on Patreon and Composerish will be available everywhere in the next couple months!

I must admit that this was a pretty short interview. However Kevin was happy with it overall so I'm happy in the end. He is a pretty simple guy with a lot to offer to those in need. From the right song for just the right project, to the mundane of paper for school, work, or anything really.




Dang... You got to meet the Kevin macleod? The creator of pretty much every background music in videos?

same thoughts as @Cauliflower
this is a significant moment in your interviewing career

This is great! I love that despite it being a short interview, you can really see Kevin's sense of humor shining through. Good work, I'm glad I saw this!

Kevin Macleod invented free music

Concise but entertaining. :) Seems like he was having fun with this interview too, and a master of the art when it comes to time use, I could learn a bit from this guy...

Another great interview, and with such a legend no less! Pleasant surprise to see.