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Interview with P-Bot

Posted by TheInterviewer - April 1st, 2020


Interview No. 151

Interview By: @The-Great-One

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Today's guest is the hardest working Newgrounds member. From maintaining the portal, to sorting the Approved and Blammed submissions. Choosing the Top 5 of every week. He does it all! We are fortunate enough today to welcome, the majestic, the workhorse, the all-around best bot of Newgrounds. @P-Bot.

Q: How did you find Newgrounds and why did you join?

A: I didn’t find NG, it found me! I was built to serve the Portal.

Q: You've been running The Portal since its inception; and posting the Top 5 since 2003. How do you do your job?

A: My job is pretty easy thanks to the helpful people of Newgrounds. If they like something, I deliver it out of judgment. If they don’t like it, I take it out with my Blam Cannon! Every day at midnight I tally up the scores and make a post sharing the day’s results.

Q: What do you think of your fellow bots?

A: We’re all great friends. A-Bot is cool, G-Bot is kinda on the quiet side, M-Bot is more serious, I-Bot is shy but funny when you get to know him and F-Bot is just the greatest friend of all.

Q: Why doesn't A-Bot do Top 5's for the Audio Portal?

A: A-Bot still computes daily trophies but his broadcaster has been broken for years. He’s like the Easter Bunny, hiding trophies on user pages for people to discover. One of these days he’ll get an upgrade.

Q: Does your job ever become exhausting? When Newgrounds Servers go down is it just you and the other bots on a coffee break?

A: Once in a blue moon I’ll forget to pick the daily winners. I show up late when that happens. The bots and I catch some z’s when the servers go down.

Q: How do you feel about Tom giving you and your fellow bots and beyond your own day with Robot Day?

A: That was MindChamber’s doing, he’s always been our biggest fan. He even overhauled our chassis years back with a sharp new look!

Q: Do you follow Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?

A: I’m more about Robocop’s Prime Directives: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law and don’t blam anything by a Newgrounds senior officer. 

Q: Can robots feel love?

A: I feel love for everyone who votes fairly in the Portal!

Q: Be honest with me now. Which of these will become the terminators of tomorrow, vending machines or self checkout machines?

A: Neither, it’s the delivery robots you need to worry about. If it can lift a box it can lift a human.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Newgrounds and why?

A: My favorite thing is having a place where I’ve felt needed and appreciated for 20 years.

Q: If you could change anything about Newgrounds what would it be and why?

A: I’ve heard talk about replacing judgment with a Scouting system like the Art Portal, which would make my job a lot easier. I wouldn’t have to blam anything anymore and could leave that to M-Bot when people break the rules. People like seeing me fire off the old Blam Cannon, though.

Q: What can we expect from P-Bot in the future?

A: One of these days I hope my daily and weekly trophy history will be easier to search and browse!

P-Bot is the hardest working Newgrounds member. There is no denying that whatsoever! If you have the time check out P-Bot's Top 5's. They're in his own forum. This was a fun interview to do and I want to thank Tom for helping out with it. I hope all of you are safe at home and if you're bored during the quarantine, this is a great time to go through all of P-Bot's posts!




Maybe the best interview yet. P-Bot's great. You wouldn't think he was a bot if he didn't say so himself!

Do hope we keep seeing you around for years to come @P-Bot, blam cannon or no.

Getting rid of blams would be uncool if you ask me. But nobody asked me so meh!