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Welcome to The Interviewer. Here you can read all of the interviews made with the members of Newgrounds. All messages must be sent to an Interviewer which can be found on the Main Page.



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Comments (8)

Great read!
I've always wondered if you sent over questions, or if it was a live interview over Skype or something. Now it's all exposed!

Really interesting seeing how much time and effort goes into this. Good stuff!

I'm glad to see the process behind it. I guess, a bit sad about the loss of the research files, but that'll have been a lot of paper...

It's like an interview with TheInterviewer. :) Fun to read both backstory and process, and inspiring to know there's really so much work involved with each one of these! One thing I'm curious about: do you have any procedure checking for typos or similar? Is that all via the browser itself (which I don't find to always be that accurate), or is text first copied in via something like Word to sift those out?

Hope to see a lot of interviews in the future too! Great work so far.

You run a great service for Newgrounds, man! You fucking rule

Great read man!

@ninjamuffin99 Same, things come out organically and I figured he wrote a transcript from some audio

@Cyberdevil Oh yeah, editing is crucial. I've been writing for years now and so I usually don't miss something. I proofread it time and time again and again. Usually it is just typos, like this Behind The Scenes actually got edited in post to remove HTML tags and some minor typos. At one point I wrote "With with".

The editing process I didn't think I needed to include because every writer edits. I don't use Word to sift through anything, I don't trust the auto correct in Word.

@The-Great-One Good to know! Myself I don't fully trust myself to find all errors. It's easy to miss ones you've written yourself - also know from plenty of writing experience. ;) I noticed a few grammatical ones above, thus the curiosity (like 'all I did was found someone of notoriety').

Word's definitely no replacement for manual revision, but it does help filter out some things like that. And typos go a bit quicker IMO. Though there's probably way better professional alternatives out there too.